Excellence in Indirect Restorations

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 11/25/2013
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IRVINE, CA, Nov 15, 2013 ?  G. Franklin Shull, Jr., DMD, spoke to attendees at Dental Learning?s Updates in Contemporary Dentistry meeting, emphasizing the importance of following the proper protocol when performing "crown and bridge" indirect restorations in dentistry. He delved into the evolution of materials and technology that can give the clinician the upper hand in providing the best possible level of care for the patient.

A Clearer Picture

One of the major advantages of modern technology, according to Dr. Shull, is the ability to improve treatment planning with digital imagery. In fact, Dr. Shull did another entire lecture at this event on digital photography for the clinician. He also talked about imaging programs that are now available that allow patients to immediately see the outcome of a potential procedure, which helps with patient education, anxiety, and case acceptance.

Time Is Money

Dr. Shull addressed the value of time-saving technology and procedures during his lecture. A new solution that allows the clinician to deliver the same or better level of patient care, while saving time, is a valuable addition to any practice. He emphasized that while many solutions promise to save chairtime, it's important to make sure they aren't sacrificing quality in the process. One of the solutions Dr. Shull espoused was to look at the impression taking process and see the innovation being done like DENTSPLY Caulk's Aquasil Ultra Cordless. Some manufacturers have increased set times, while others allow for a cordless procedure. Both cut down on procedure time.

Key Materials

Dr. Shull spoke about PFMs, PFZs, and full countour zirconia?options that have been around for a long time. However, according to Shull, a lot has changed in this market. ?I used to do PFMs on everything, but there were always cases that we had problems with esthetically, and we've all had chips in the ceramic on top of the PFM.? 

According to Shull, full contour zirconia is the strongest tooth colored material on the market, solving many of the issues with esthetics and strength that previously existed.

In a separate interview with Dental Learning, Dr. Shull said he uses DENTSPLY Caulk's Aquasil Ultra Cordless Tissue Mangaging Impression System because it allows him to take an impression in one step without cord or paste. He also mentioned his use of SNAP Dental Cosmetic Imaging to help patients visualize their treatment and to aid in treatment acceptance. Dr. Shull said for digital radiographs, he employs Sirona's new Schick 33 intraoral sensors for image clarity and control.