EyeSpecial C-II Dental Digital Camera System

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 01/27/2014
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Simplicity and affordability combine with superb high-quality images in Shofu?s new digital dental
camera system.

shofu eyespecial c-ii front

Designed exclusively for dentistry, the lightweight, durable EyeSpecial C-II digital camera is engineered to produce superb image quality. It offers exceptional depthof- field range along with ?smart? features like fast autofocusing and anti-shake capabilities. Further enhancing users? ability to create high-quality images in all conditions, the EyeSpecial C-II includes infrared, UV, and anti-reflection filters.

Historically, dental photographic equipment has been expensive and complicated to use. However, in the past 10 years or so, dental photography has undergone a transformation with the advent of a wide range of easier to use and more affordable digital cameras that are both popular and less expensive. Digital photography in dentistry has revolutionized teaching and lecturing in the field as well as educating patients in the office. With this technology and a more hands-on approach, dentists can efficiently and effectively treat patients with a clear plan in place.

shofu eyespecial c-ii touchscreen

One of the key advantages of digital photography for dentistry is the fact that the images can be transferred right from the camera to a computer or mobile device. This enables the practitioner to quickly and easily work with patients on treatment plans. Enter Shofu?s EyeSpecial C-II. After being used successfully by dental professionals in Japan for more than 10 years, the EyeSpecial C-II--the latest addition to Shofu?s extensive product line?will be unveiled at the 2014 Chicago Midwinter Meeting.

By the Numbers

The 12-megapixel EyeSpecial C-II offers 8 shooting modes that are simple, fast, and reproducible to ensure the best image quality possible. The EyeSpecial C-II offers a high-performance 49-mm close-up lens, intuitive 1-touch operation, an ultra-light-weight sleek body design, and a large LCD touchscreen that allows the user to view and scroll through images effortlessly, even with a gloved hand. Although lightweight, the camera is very durable and withstands occasional mishandling. In addition to resisting scratching and scuffing, the EyeSpecial C-II is waterproof and chemical-proof?essential for simplifying compliance with the practice?s infection control protocol.


Ideal for intraoral photography, dental/ orthodontic case presentations, and at the bench in a laboratory, EyeSpecial C-II is extremely user-friendly and can be held comfortably even with one hand, freeing the other to use a cheek retractor, mirror, or other tools to isolate the area being photographed. Included with the EyeSpecial C-II is a 4GB SD XC card, but the camera is also compatible with an Eye-Fi Pro X2 card, allowing images to be automatically transferred and uploaded onto a computer or mobile device. EyeSpecial C-II users can customize settings and preset functions within the camera? no changes or modifications to usual routines are needed (unlike some other heavier camera systems that require flash and multiple lens modifications).

Feature Rich

With a suggested retail price of $2,795, EyeSpecial C-II comes with 4GB SD XC card, 4 AA batteries, the high-performance Kenko 49-mm macro lens for close-up shots, computer connection cord and hand strap, flash calibration card, and SureFile photo management software available for free download online. This proprietary software will allow the user to automatically sort and file images by patient name or ID number, saving time and improving HIPAA standards.

shofu eyespecial 8 shooting modes

?We are thrilled to be bringing the Eye- Special C-II to the dental profession stateside,? said Stephanie Xelowski, Shofu?s product manager for the EyeSpecial C-II. ?Dentists and lab technicians in Asia have been using it (and its predecessor, the Eye- Special C-I) for some time, and it?s become one of the top-selling camera systems in that market. A popular topic in the Japanese blogosphere, users regularly note the EyeSpecial C-II?s superior image clarity, true color and surface detail reproduction, and ease of use compared to other digital dental camera systems. We know U.S. and Canadian dentists will be just as enthusiastic about this high-performance camera and its affordable price point.?