Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 10/08/2014
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At-home hypersensitivity treatment can give immediate relief that lasts up to one month.*

Dentinal hypersensitivity?caused by a receding gumline, a fractured or chipped tooth, overly aggressive brushing, or the consumption of acidic and sugary foods and beverages?can disrupt the lives of patients. In addition, sensitivity can be a challenge for dentists to treat and resolve successfully. While there are some in-office solutions available to relieve sensitivity, there are a limited number of effective products that patients can find over-the-counter to use at home.

sensi strips

Designed for at-home use, Crest SENSI-STOP STRIPS are thin, flexible strips that can deliver immediate, targeted, and long-lasting* sensitivity relief. Containing 3% dipotassium oxalate desensitizing gel, a single strip applied for 10 minutes can give patients up to a month of protection* against dentinal hypersensitivity.

Convenient Application

Crest SENSI-STOP STRIPS cover half of the tooth and half of the outer gumline of sensitive teeth, allowing time for the key ingredient to form a lasting barrier that blocks dentinal tubules. They feature contoured, flexible edges and semi-transparent coloring for ease of application and visibility. Crest SENSI-STOP STRIPS provide an appropriate dose of desensitizer without measuring or guesswork. Sized for targeted application, the soft-touch strips are designed to hold the desensitizing ingredient in place.

With Crest SENSI-STOP STRIPS, the desensitizing process is simple for patients:

1. Patient brushes/flosses, waiting 5 minutes before applying the strip.

2. The specific area of sensitivity is located.

3. The strip is positioned so that half extends over the gingiva and half extends over the tooth.

4. The strip stays in place for 10 minutes and is then removed and discarded. This procedure quickly blocks tubules with oxalate crystals for immediate relief. The crystals provide a durable barrier that prevents stimuli from triggering fluid movement in the tubule, thereby relieving sensitivity pain for up to one month.

Professional Endorsement

?It took an entire team of dedicated R&D professionals to create Crest SENSI-STOP STRIPS,? according to Procter & Gamble Research Fellow Paul Sagel. ?Beginning with the innovative technology found in Crest 3D Whitestrips, we then fine-tuned the product architecture featuring the same ingredient as some professional tooth sensitivity treatments until it met our rigorous efficacy, safety, and quality demands.?

?Crest SENSI-STOP STRIPS are a revolutionary at-home treatment for the nearly 30 million Americans1 who suffer from sensitive teeth,? noted New York practitioner Nancy Rosen, DMD. ?I have struggled to find an at-home solution that leaves my patients completely satisfied until now. With one strip applied for 10 minutes, my patients can now have targeted and immediate relief for up to one month.?

Crest SENSI-STOP STRIPS allow patients to easily integrate sensitivity treatment into their existing home-care regimen. They are available at retail outlets or through your Crest and Oral-B Professional Oral Health sales rep and are supplied in packages of 6, 10, and 12 strips.