First Look: Midwest E

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 09/25/2014
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Electric handpiece system combines power and control for restorative, endo applications

Midwest E electric handpiece

The Midwest E Electric Handpiece System includes the powerful Midwest E motor, which weighs 59 g and measures 1.25 in?one of the smallest and lightest electric motors offered today. Attachments are offered in high speed, low speed, endodontic, and straight configurations for a wide range of procedures.

Simplified Control

The Midwest E?s touch screencontrol provides the ability to adjust speed, torque limits, attachment type, light operation, auto-reverse, and more. All adjustments are made on a single-screen interface with a few quick taps. The LCD touchscreen offers on-screen review of operation settings. The control screen allows users to fine-tune speed, light, and rotation to optimize performance for a variety of procedures, from caries removal to fine finishing and contouring to root canals. The endodontic functionality includes user defined torque limits and 3 auto-reverse options.

Reliable Performance

The Midwest E motor is designed to deliver consistent power and torque for smooth, quiet operation. Autoclavable for easy infection control, it features an ?E? type attachment and spins at up to 40,000 rpm.


Compact and lightweight to facilitate control and maneuvering, Midwest E attachments are offered in high-speed, low-speed, and endodontic configurations. Offered in several speed ratio versions, the contra-angle attachments feature a textured finish and ridges designed for an enhanced grip. A straight handpiece attachment is also available. The durable E Electric attachments feature high-quality components crafted of stainless steel to provide years of reliable service.

Backed by Tradition

The Midwest handpiece tradition began in 1927, when the company was devoted solely to handpiece repair. Midwest?s first foray into innovation, manufacturing, and sales began in 1934 with its first contra angle. With nearly 90 years of experience, DENTSPLY Professional offers proven quality and product support for its Midwest offerings. The Midwest E features a 3-year warranty on the system and 2 years on the attachments. Field tested Using feedback from dental professionals is another DENTSPLY tradition.

Several dentists already participating in Dental Product Shopper?s peer-to-peer product evaluation program had the opportunity to field test the Midwest E in their practices. Response was overwhelmingly positive. For example:

?I liked the quiet noise and efficient cutting. There was no more ?chatter? or bouncing around on the tooth,? noted Benjamin E. Schwartz, DDS, New York, NY. ?My preps were much less ?jagged? and very well defined. The speed and cutting ability also allowed me to perform the procedures faster and better.?

?Loads of torque! Beautifully finishes margins using finish diamonds at lower speeds,? said Craig Vinkovich, DDS, North Royalton, OH. ?At higher speeds, it was powerful when used for gross reduction--steady and well balanced. The Midwest E provided wonderful illumination, almost eliminatingmy need for a headlamp.?

The Midwest E makes its official debut in November at The Greater New York Dental Meeting.