FIRST LOOK: PLANMECA PlanScan Digital Restorative System

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 05/12/2014
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Innovative technology that breaks through the barriers to successful same-day dentistry.

Planmeca PlanScan is the whole package—a speedy, simple to use, and highly accurate intraoral scanner. Using the smaller wavelength, more reflective blue laser technology, Planmeca PlanScan provides users with sharper, more detailed images. It accurately captures both hard and soft tissue, restorations, models, and impressions, resulting in a more clinically precise prosthetic outcome. The system's evolving software and sleek, functional design allow clinicians to integrate a digital workflow into their practice and give their patients the best possible treatment.

The Hardware

The Planmeca PlanScan hardware is designed to be comfortable for both the user and the patient, save time in the chair, and optimize image capture. The solid-state technology of the PlanScan ensures reliability and consistency, and the ergonomic design incorporates ease of use, comfort, and enhanced performance. The Whisper-Quiet fans built into the handpiece help to dissipate heat so that scanning can continue without interruption and the heated mirror prevents intraoral fogging throughout scanning for better visibility. To help save time between patients and to enhance infection prevention, PlanScan is equipped with removable tips.

The Software

The engine that makes Planmeca PlanScan run and integrate seamlessly into the practice is the software. To keep pace with the needs of clinicians and labs, this system continues to evolve and improve. A few examples of this include full-arch scanning and design as well as the virtual retraction capability. Combining the PlanScan with PlanCAD, the design tool of the system, users can quickly scan and design everything from single tooth restorations to full arch. The virtual retraction tool allows users to virtually trim the die of their scan for visual confirmation that the margin has been drawn and placed correctly. If they need to, the user can then use the software to make adjustments.

Digital Workflow

Good communication and thorough sharing of information among restoring dentists, specialists, and lab technicians are crucial to achieving a functional and esthetic outcome for patients. These elements are also crucial to a successful and profitable practice. Nothing wastes money like wasted time. When Planmeca Romexis software is combined with the Planmeca CAD/CAM Solution, a dental practice now has a truly digital treatment workflow. Because the backbone of Romexis is an open STL file format, clinicians and staff can send files to any other system and accept them as well. Treatment planning is vastly improved when a practice can share detailed digital patient information with all the labs and specialists involved in the case.

A Total Solution

The Planmeca CAD/CAM Solution, featuring the Planmeca PlanScan intraoral scanner, eliminates many of the challenges encountered by dental practices when trying to provide their patients with same-day dentistry. When those challenges are addressed, the result for the patient is a better experience in the chair and for the practice increased efficiency, time savings, and improved word of mouth.