FIRST LOOK: Triodent V4 ClearMetal Matrix System

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 07/26/2013
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Triodent?s new matrix system features transparent components for maximum curing without distortion.

Getting past the initial cure stage in a deep restoration with bulk-fill is a concern. If composite in contact with the matrix is still uncured when the matrix is removed, the disruption can be so great that the restoration may need to be done again from start to finish. Although this may not happen often, Triodent?s new V4 ClearMetal Matrix System insures against it ever happening at all.

Clearly Complementary

Developed specifically to allow sufficient light through, the new transparent V4 ClearMetal Matrix System allows for initial curing and allows the matrix to be removed without risk of distorting the composite resin. At the same time, the V4 ClearMetal Matrix System fulfils all the requirements of a matrix system?wide indications for use, tight contacts, anatomy, and finishing.
The V4 ClearMetal Matrix System includes the ClearMetal Matrix, the V4 Ring (molar and premolar), and the V4 Wedge. The V4 ClearMetal Matrix System is designed for all class 2 restorations, creating predictable, tight contacts and natural contours. The added benefit of ring, matrix, and wedge transparency makes it a great match for bulk-fill resins and deep cavities, giving the dentist peace of mind that the composite is sufficiently cured before the matrix is removed.

Clearly Strong

The centerpiece of the V4 ClearMetal Matrix System is the ClearMetal Matrix that offers the advantages of metal malleability. Its hundreds of resin-filled microscopic windows essentially makes the ClearMetal Matrix the first ?transparent? metal matrix. Light passes through the stainless steel, so composite in a class 2 restoration can be cured laterally and interproximally, as well as occlusally, leaving no imprint on the composite. Interestingly, Triodent also found that transillumination of the neighboring tooth while curing occlusally
maximises light going through the ClearMetal Matrix to the central part of the composite in the proximal box.
A smart feature of the ClearMetal Matrix is that the microwindows act like a ?ramp cure,? where light intensity is increased gradually to reduce initial stress and optimize polymerization. Of course, once the matrix has been removed, the composite can be given a final cure.
In addition to its cure-through capabilities, the ClearMetal Matrix offers the benefits of a metal band. It is thin, but strong, and it holds its shape, but can be burnished. The PTFE-nonstick-coated ClearMetal Matrix features an anatomically correct shape and provides optimal contrast to the tooth.

Clearly Tight

The new V4 Ring provides a superior grip over the full range of embrasure and class 2 cavity shapes and sizes. It performs especially well on large restorations, even gripping on severely compromised teeth, as well as subgingivally?which means it is also very compatible with circumferential bands. Offered in molar and premolar sizes, the ring is easy to clean and extremely durable. It has been autoclave tested to more than 1200 cycles.
The V4 Ring?s superelastic NiTi spring produces optimal tooth separation for tight contacts. Shaped for adaptation and retention, the transparent ring tines provide the option of cure-through, particularly beneficial for bulk-fill and deep cavities.
Completing the system is the transparent V4 Wedge. Notches split the wedge into 3 distinct sections, so they compress and expand independently of one another, allowing for more interproximal variations. This design facilitates outstanding matrix retention and adaptation and an exceptional matrix seal on the gingival margin. Because it is transparent, the V4 Wedge also offers a cure-through option.
Making its debut this month, the V4 ClearMetal Matrix System will be available initially only in the United States? through Triodent?s exclusive US dealer, Ultradent Products Inc?before being rolled out globally.