Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 02/19/2013
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The Gendex GXS-700 intraoral sensor offers ease of use, portability, exceptional clarity, and detail.

The benefits of digital radiography are well known and universally acknowledged?reduced radiation exposure, enhanced diagnostics and versatility, improved productivity, easier recordkeeping, and access. And of course, it?s green. So the decision-making in the dental office has moved from, ?Do I go digital?? to, ?Which system should I choose??

Truly qualifying as a tried and true player in the radiography market, Gendex boasts lineage dating back to Roentgen?s time, emerging in its current form 40 years ago as a result of General Electric splitting its medical and dental product lines. In 2010, Gendex introduced the GXS-700 intraoral sensor,its 8th generation digital intraoral system. Exceptional diagnostic capabilities and user- and patient-focused features are the hallmarks of the GXS-700 intraoral sensor.


High-Quality Image Capture

The GXS-700 features a high-performance CMOS sensor with optical fibers and Csl cintillator technology, allowing it to capture crisp, high-resolution images. The system delivers real-time, detailed images that support diagnosis and treatment. What sets the GXS-700 intraoral sensor apart is its wide dynamic exposure range, delivering highly consistent and reproducible X-ray images.


The GXS-700 provides several time-saving features. With the GXS-700, digital images appear instantly, providing clinicians with immediate feedback. They do not have to wait for film to develop, allowing them to quickly attend to patients.

The GXS-700?s proprietary ?Always Ready? feature automatically recognizes the presence of radiation and starts image acquisition without having to initiate the capture through software or hardware interfaces. Featuring Hi-Speed USB 2.0 connectivity, the ultraportable GXS-700 intraoral sensor requires no controllers, adapters, or docking stations.

?We have USB ports in multiple treatment rooms, and we can just plug in, without docking stations, controllers, or adapters,? observed pediatric dentist Dr. Jessie Banks. ?Sensors can travel with us to the hospital where some children require treatment under general anesthesia. All patient records can be obtained via the sensors and downloaded into the patient?s file in the office when we get back.? Additionally, the GXS-700 integrates smoothly and seamlessly into practice management software.


Rounded corners and smooth edges are key design features of the patented GXS-700 intraoral sensor, providing both patient comfort and accurate positioning by adapting to the anatomy of the oral cavity. Available in 2 formats,adult and pediatric, to accommodate all patients and clinical needs, the sensor fits easily and securely into Gendex?s custom, color-coded holders. GXS-700 user Dr. Parag Kachalia, a general dentist from San Ramon, CA, particularly appreciates the patient education benefits of digital radiography.

?The ability to enlarge images on the screen, apply treatment tools like colorization, and zone in on areas of interest allow us to engage patients on a completely new level,? Dr. Kachalia said.

Industry and Professional Recognition

The GXS-700 intraoral sensor was the recipient of the Best of Class Technology Award (in the Foundational category)for 2011. The Award is given by the Pride Institute,a dental practice management consulting firm based in Novato,CA. A panel of dental technology experts?all dental practitioners and opinion leaders?selected the GXS-700 to receive the prestigious honor.

The Basics

GXS-700 is engineered for low power consumption, and it is made of durable materials and components for reliable performance and longevity. Both just under 8 mm thick and offering a 19 ìm pixel size, the standard 2.4-mp adult sensor measures 31 mm x 42 mm (active area 26 mm x 36 mm) and the 1.8-mp pediatric sensor is 25 x 37 mm (active area 20 mm x 30 mm).

The GXS-700 comes with a 9-foot cable and carries a 2-year manufacturer warranty. A wallmounted cradle simplifies storage and access. For optimal infection control, Gendex offers custom disposable barrier sheaths that cover the entire sensor and the recommended 3 to 4 inches of the cable. Sensors can be disinfected by wiping and immersion; holders are fully autoclavable. Adjunct accessories?positioner kits, individual positioners,cable extensions, barrier sheaths, and the cradle holder?all are available separately.