Gendex GXS-700

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 07/31/2014
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In 2011, I brought digital radiography into my practice with the Gendex GXS-700 intraoral sensor. My solo practice has a real old-world, small-community feel. Our team takes the time to listen and explain, which our patients appreciate and expect. However, I wanted patients to know we can give them a lot of TLC and be state-of-the-art.

I also knew digital x-rays would increase productivity on many levels: radiographs are available to view immediately; determining the need for a retake takes seconds, not minutes (especially critical in emergency appointments or when doing endo); and no downtime for staff for  lm processing/mounting.

Last, but not least, the patient education component?how could we expect a patient to see a tiny  lm held up to an operatory light or viewbox? Now I show the image on the monitor, and patients?  rst response is ?wow,? and then I get questions. In today?s skeptical world, there is no denying a ?big black spot? on a tooth.

Rich Features

Much thought and research went into my decision, and several speci c features sold me on the GSX-700, particularly the software and its range of intuitive image enhancement tools. I can easily change the contrast and otherwise manipulate images to help my patients and me see things more clearly. The sensor shape and size is one of the best on the market. Its rounded corners make the sensor easy to place in patients? mouths. Surprisingly, most patients  nd it to be as comfortable, or more comfortable, than conventional  lm. I also appreciate it?s durability; after 3 years of use, my GSX-700 is none the worse for the wear. The staff loves this sensor. The learning curve was fast, and the system integrated seamlessly with our practice management software.

We all especially like that the sensor starts taking the x-rays automatically when the x-ray machine is activated; there?s no extra step to activate the sensor, making the process quicker. The digital images also simplify the process of communicating with insurance companies. We no longer spend time making copies of conventional x-rays, which was always unpredictable. We can also send 8.5-in x 11-in printouts home with a patient to show and discuss with their family.

Stellar Service and Support

The support from Gendex has been very good. The reps are very knowledgeable and willing to help. I had a few software issues when I  rst brought the system into my of ce. However, giving remote access to the Gendex rep resolved my problems in minutes. Thankfuly, I haven?t had to call them much in the last 2 years.

The Bottom Line

With digital radiography, and the GXS-700 speci cally, my ability to see and diagnose has taken a gigantic leap forward. I can now treat things I couldn?t see before?a win for both patient and dentist. The bottom line is that the Gendex system saves me time and money. The software is well thought out, and having the xrays of the entire practice at our  ngertips and in one place is wonderful. All in all, I would recommend the Gendex GSX-700 for its ef ciency, ease of use, patient acceptance, sensor durability, and image quality. It has made life so much better?and safer, with reduced radiation exposure?for my staff, my patients, and me. I would rather practice with one hand behind my back than return to conventional x-rays.