The GXDP-700 Series and the GXDP-300

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 10/07/2011
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The GXDP-700 Series and the GXDP-300

With the launch of their new extraoral imaging equipment, Gendex offers a variety of options for clinicians.

Known for its reliable and innovative imaging equipment, Gendex offers a wide variety of solutions for both general dentists and specialists. A strong history in x-ray manufacturing has earned Gendex recognition as a global leader in digital dentistry.

With the recent launch of the GXDP-700 Series, which offers panoramic imaging that is upgradable, the GXDP-300 panoramic, with its high-performing functionality, Gendex continues a tradition of innovation.

Michael Dachowski, DMD, who is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Doylestown, PA, said that he recently purchased the GXDP-700 because, ?the cone beam scan is large enough to use for guided surgery, but the system also functions as a pan. You can enjoy the speed of obtaining both pan and 3D images with the efficiency that we?re accustomed to with a standard pan.? He also said that the machine was easily integrated with his current imaging software, VixWin Platinum.


As Dr. Dachowski pointed out, the GXDP-700 Series is versatile. Beginning with a robust pan comprised of myriad projections, the system can be upgraded in the field to add cephalometrics or 3D cone beam CT, or both. The 3D component, with 2 scan size options plus a low-dose PerfectScout location tool, complements diagnosis and planning for targeted areas of interest in applications such as impactions, root investigation, implants, and more. Additionally, the GXDP-700?s SmartLogic feature remembers the user?s most frequently used settings.


Featuring FOX (Focus Optimized x-ray), which compensates for anterior malocclusion, the GXDP-300 optimizes image clarity. The system offers the most commonly used projections, Pan, Bitewing, and TMJ views for 3 different body sizes. With the GXDP- 300, there?s a simple 3-step process: Select the projection, select the body size, and take the pan. Another feature of both units is the easy-to-use touchscreen interface and simple yet sturdy positioning.


Understanding that dentists appreciate a hands-on experience with products, Gendex recently took the launch of the GXDP-300 and GXDP-700 on the road with a mobile showroom, known as the ?Experience Gendex North American Dental Imaging Tour.? The mobile showroom consists of an extraoral section?featuring the new Gendex GXDP-700 and GXDP-300; an intraoral operatory? comprised of the 2011 Pride Institute award-winning GXS-700 digital sensors, several GXC-300 cameras, an expert DC intraoral x-ray, VixWin Platinum imaging software, the new GXPS-500 PSP, plus a Pelton & Crane dental chair with KaVo handpieces; and an entire area devoted to online communications. Through flat screen monitors and live GPS tracking, this unique coach is packed with state-ofthe- art dental and electronic devices.

Filippo Impieri, who is the Director of Marketing at Gendex, called this an ?exciting time for Gendex.? He said the mobile showroom has been a great way for Gendex to showcase their products, and teach at the same time. ?It has been so much fun to see the reaction of the dental professionals. We are making appearances at dental conventions, as well as many dental offices along the way. We also have stops planned for dental schools. So far the response has been great.?

As several dental professionals are learning, the recent launch of the GXDP-700 Series and the GXDP-300 panoramic are ushering in a new era for Gendex, while also building on a longstanding tradition of innovation.