INSPIRE Temporary Crown & Bridge Material

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 11/06/2013
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When I started practicing, methyl methacrylate was the go-to provisional material, and it was good at the time. The introduction of bis-acryl materials was a quantum leap, making temporization significantly better with easier handling and improved esthetics.

Now, Clinician?s Choice?s INSPIRE esthetic provisional composite represents an equally dramatic improvement for creating successful, functional, esthetic temporaries. It saves chairtime, improves clinical outcomes, provides excellent esthetics, and also offers me profitability. INSPIRE can be used for any single-tooth temporary, multiple-teeth cases, full-mouth rehabs, bridge temporaries, and implant provisionals. It is indispensable for staged cases where there is a lapse in time between temporary and permanent crowns.

Flexural Strength

INSPIRE has excellent flexural strength (105 MPa) and impact strength (76 MPa). Especially with single units, I have noticed much easier crown seat appointments because of INSPIRE?s EModulus to resist deformation (3136 MPa) along with low volume shrinkage (3.4%), so there is less pulling away from the margins.

Fracture Resistance

The risk of breakage at the margin is dramatically reduced because of INSPIRE?s high diametral tensile strength (62 MPa), thereby reducing bacterial leakage and maintaining tissue health. Furthermore, I have experienced no crown fractures or breakage because of INSPIRE?s high fatigue limit.

Shade Stability and More

INSPIRE?s fl uorescence and translucency in each of the 4 shades (A1, A2, A3.5, and B1) enhances esthetics. I see much less shade change, particularly in the coffee drinkers and smokers. I have increased my productivity because of INSPIRE?s minimal surface oxygen inhibition layer. It is easy to remove from the impression and requires minimal to no polishing. INSPIRE produces a smooth, high-luster, nonporous surface to resist biofi lm and plaque buildup.

Other benefits include optimal viscosity for controlled and easy fl ow into the impression, a low curing temperature to minimize soft tissue irritation, and fast and easy trimming and fi nishing without dust. Finally, my patients appreciate that INSPIRE is Bisphenol-A free.

The Importance of Temporaries

The temporary restoration is the investment between the laboratory quality and our ability to deliver the fit, form, and function as well as longevity that we promise to the patient. To make an illfi tting temporary (out of occlusion, poor fi t, allows bacterial infi ltration, lack of maintaining both marginal integrity as well as contact accuracy, and is rough only to enhance plaque formation) breaks that promise to deliver quality to each patient. INSPIRE simplifies the temporization process and creates provisionals that provide the functions necessary to guarantee successful defi nitive restorations. And the real benefit is the crown seat appointment, where few to no adjustments are necessary.