Integrity Multi?Cure

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 05/14/2014
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Strong, esthetic temporaries?self-cured or light cured

I had been a happy, long-time Integrity user when DENTSPLY Caulk introduced Integrity Multi?Cure in 2011. Confident with my clinical success and intrigued with the light-cure option, I tried it immediately. Over the almost 3 years we?ve been using it, Integrity Multi?Cure has provided numerous benefits for our practice, both clinically and for our bottom line. 

Productivity Boost

To be able to light cure Integrity Multi?Cure is a big time saver. As soon as it comes out of the mouth, we can light cure it to its complete set?just 20 seconds per unit?and then immediately make any necessary adjustments to the provisional. Using Integrity Multi?Cure has significantly reduced procedure time and streamlined our workflow. 

Depending on the circumstance, temporaries may be created by our assistants or by me. I sometimes leave the operatory to check another patient--but as quick as it is to create a great temporary with Integrity Multi?Cure, it is not always a time saver for me to leave!

This material is so user friendly. The automixing tips make mixing, delivery, and clean-up very easy and predictable. We all like its handling consistency, too. 

Clinical Benefits

First of all, the esthetics are great. Integrity Multi?Cure is very easy to polish to a natural-looking high luster and patients appreciate its fluorescence similar to natural teeth. The selection of 5 shades offers an appropriate option for virtually all patients. 

With its minimal shrinkage, we can consistently make accurately fitting temporaries.

We are also pleased with the additional strength and wear resistance that Integrity Multi?Cure exhibits, especially when we are using it to create provisional fixed bridges. We have found that the additional strength also prevents breakage of even single-unit temporaries, which saves time for patients and dental offices in having to replace broken temporaries. 

Strength and resistance to wear impart another important benefit, because temporaries that fit well prevent shifting of adjacent and opposing teeth. This enhances the final outcome of the permanent restorations.

On the rare occasion that we need to make repairs to provisionals, Integrity Multi?Cure can be easily repaired with light-cured composite restorative materials. It also bonds to itself, further simplifying repairs. 

Staying In-house

We now create all our temporary crowns and bridges in the office with Integrity Multi?Cure. Previously, we?d had issues with longer span bridges breaking when the provisionals were fabricated in the office, and consequently we?d typically have those done in the laboratory . 

Integrity Multi?Cure?s excellent flexural strength lets us create durable temporary restorations and has decreased our breakage problems, even for longer-term provisionalization. Being able to keep the process in-house saves the practice money on lab fees, and saves us time because we don?t need a follow-up appointment. Our patients really appreciate that.

Integrity Multi?Cure is the only material we use now for all our temporary crowns and bridges.