IPS Empress Direct Nanohybrid Composite Restorative

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 01/31/2013
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Ivoclar Vivadent?s IPS Empress Direct nanohybrid composite creates lifelike restorations with its wide range
of shades and translucencies.

ips empress direct cavifilSuitable for anterior and posterior applications, IPS Empress Direct light-cured nanohybrid composite is formulated to offer ceramic-like esthetics along with the convenience of a direct restorative material. Introduced in 2009, Ivoclar Vivadent developed IPS Empress Direct to optimize handling characteristics, physical properties, and shade matching. Chemically, its filler particles comprise the same basic components used in IPS Empress ceramics, so IPS Empress Direct provides maximum esthetics when used in combination with IPS Empress ceramic restorations.

Natural Esthetics
IPS Empress Direct is available in 32 shades (including the new opalescent shade) and 5 translucency levels. The dentin and enamel shades are well-balanced and complementary; the higher-opacity dentin shades have a more opacious saturated chroma, while the enamel shades? translucency has been adjusted to diffuse the dentin substrate. The shade/translucency system eliminates the need for a ?recipe? because the clinician simply replaces what was removed. IPS Empress Direct also exhibits the lifelike fluorescence of the indirect IPS Empress materials. The fluorescence is produced by specialized pigments that absorb energy from UV light and emit it as visible light. The system also includes an autoclavable, nonfading ceramic shade guide.

In 2011, Ivoclar Vivadent added IPS Empress Direct Flow flowable composites to the IPS Empress Direct portfolio; the 3 flowable effect shades impart optical effects and natural anatomical characteristics. The Trans Opal shade offers natural opalescence for incisal edges, Trans 30 imparts natural translucency, and Bleach XL can be used to create custom effects, such as fluorosis. The final piece of the esthetic puzzle is IPS Empress Direct?s even distribution of filler particles, which provides exceptional polishing properties and long-lasting high surface gloss.

User Friendly
IPS Empress Direct incorporates many characteristics for ease of use and technique simplicity. For example, its low sensitivity to light gives the clinician more than adequate time for placing and sculpting.

Additionally, the consistency of IPS Empress Direct allows simple and controlled sculpting and contouring with either a spatula or a brush. For enhanced diagnostic capabilities, IPS Empress Direct has a radiopacity of 350% Al (compared to 100% Al for natural dentin).

The Basic Kit for IPS Empress Direct is available with either syringe or Cavifil dispensing options. Cavifils (shown here) are used with Ivoclar Vivadent?s proprietary Injector for direct application of material directly into the cavity. Regardless of the delivery system, each kit includes 8 shades (3 dentin, 3 enamel, Opal, and Trans 30), 2 shade guides (enamel and dentin), an IPS Empress Direct Pad, and a clinical guide. All 32 shades are available as individual refills. According to Dr. Arnd Peschke, Director of Ivoclar Vivadent?s R&D Clinic in Schaan, Leichtenstein, ?IPS Empress Direct allows the appearance of natural anterior and posterior teeth to be reliably mimicked. Its exceptional handling properties and the long working time make placing the composite in anatomic layers a real pleasure.?