Isolite Illuminated Dental Isolation System

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 01/27/2014
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Complete intraoral control for clinical success, efficiency, and safety.

isolite in use

Simply put, using the multitasking Isolite holds the patient?s mouth open and keeps the tongue away from the operating field and illuminates the oral cavity and continuously evacuates saliva/moisture and guards the patient?s airway. Isolite performs all these tasks simultaneously, continuously, and hands-free. The centerpiece of the Isolite system, its soft, flexible Isolation Mouthpiece components impart oral control/isolation, are easy to place, and create a comfortable patient experience used with millions of procedures each year.

More Than 12 Years of Proven Success

Used with increasing popularity in dental practices since its debut in 2001, Isolite was initially developed by Dr. Tom Hirsch, a practicing dentist, and his brother, Jim Hirsch, an industrial designer. Dr. Hirsch was looking for a simple, effective, and versatile alternative to traditional methods of isolation such as rubber dam and cotton rolls. As a member of Isolite Systems? Board of Directors, he continues to remain actively involved in product development and clinical applications with feedback from dentists, hygienists, and assistants in the field.

Total Control of the Oral Cavity

Isolite Systems has adopted a direct and powerful corporate tagline: Better Isolation=Better Dentistry. It would be rare to attend a lecture or workshop on operative dentistry without hearing about how critical proper isolation is to the clinical success of so many procedures, from placing composites and crown cementation to endodontics and oral surgery. While Isolite provides effective and complete isolation, it does provide ?better isolation? by creating several other conditions in the mouth that ensure ?better dentistry.?

Equally important to isolation is the ability of the clinician to see the working site. Using the Isolite in conjunction with the Isolation Mouthpieces provides clear, bright, shadow-free LED illumination from within the mouth; this improves the practitioner?s view of the site, reduces eyestrain, and shines less light in the patient?s eyes. With the touch of a finger, clinicians can select from five light-intensity settings, including a ?cure-safe? mode for light-sensitive materials. The LED light source is rated for more than 5000 hours. To keep the isolated area dry, Isolite offers bilateral, 360° evacuation. Dual-vacuum controls allow suction to be focused in either the upper or lower quadrant. Continuous suction provides patient comfort, control of over-spray from ultrasonics, aerosol reduction in the operatory, and less mirror fogging.

isolite mouthpiece

The key to the Isolite is the proprietary single-use Isolation Mouthpiece. In addition to automatically retracting cheeks and tongue, the Isolation Mouthpiece has a built-in bite block that allows patients to comfortably rest their jaw while providing the clinician free access to both the upper and lower quadrants. The Isolation Mouthpiece?s 5 anatomically correct sizes accommodate all patients.

Safe and Sound

Sometimes ignored in the practice, the fear of aspirating stray items is second only to injections in the minds of many patients. And the risk is real. Using the Isolite Illuminated Dental Isolation System provides 3 significant safety benefits.

1. Tongue and cheek retraction and protection: The Isolation Mouthpiece keeps the tongue out of the way, making it easier and safer to work. It also retracts the cheeks and protects them from injury.

2. Airway protection: The Mouthpiece acts as a barrier to the airway, preventing aspiration of foreign bodies.

3. Airway visibility: Because the Mouthpiece is transparent, the airway remains clearly visible for continuous monitoring.

Isolation for Any Procedure

In response to user feedback, Isolite Systems has expanded its line, creating a total isolation solution for any practice and application. With the Isolite Illuminated Dental Isolation System as the flagship, the line also includes the non-illuminated Isodry (for dentists who want to implement the Mouthpiece technology in multiple operatories but do not need the light) and the recently launched Isovac dental isolation adapter (designed specifically for the hygiene operatory).

All 3 use the single-use Isolation Mouthpiece and provide hands-free evacuation, retraction, and safety shielding. Additionally, all 3 carry a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty on all components.

In a Dental Product Shopper peer-to-peer evaluation a few years ago, Isolite received a rating of 4.8 out of a possible 5. When the dentist evaluators were asked to rate Isolite on improved productivity, 100% rated the device as excellent. One evaluator said that the tool is ?like having another dental assistant for $2 an hour.? Another evaluator commented that it ?allows staff to take on other responsibilities instead of being tied to the chair.? A third dentist who participated in the evaluation said that Isolite provides him with a ?huge time savings over [a] rubber dam for my CEREC procedures.?

Speaking of CEREC, the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry, a training and education hub for CEREC users, has Isolite installed in all of its operatories. A Scottsdale Center representative explained, ?Isolite is unique in that it facilitates clinical excellence in dentistry, improves financial productivity of the dental practice, and also provides for an improved experience for patients. Bringing this advancement in dentistry to our course participants is a perfect fit.? Isolite Systems? family of isolation products are engineered to not only give the dental team complete control in the mouth for better clinical outcomes, they allow everyone to work more productively and effectively with less stress and fatigue.