iTero Imaging System

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 01/23/2013
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Align's new iTero Imaging system offers one hardware/software platform for quick, accurate restorative or orthodontic digital impression scanning.

Building on existing iTero digital scanning capabilities, the newly designed iTero scanner offers fullcolor model rendering along with enhanced wand optics, keyboard design, and working surface. Reduced capture time and open-source imaging round out the benefits of this feature-rich digital impressioning system for both restorative and orthodontic applications. The new iTero scanner will debut this month at the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting.

new itero scanner

Flexible Applications

The iTero scanner provides a streamlined, digitized workflow for complete flexibility. Users can easily select the option that best fits the needs of each individual case?be it a crown or bridge, full or partial orthodontics (including Invisalign), an inlay/onlay, veneers, or a validated implant solution.*

User Focus

Offering both click-and-capture and continuous-scan modes, the feature-rich iTero scanner has myriad features for simple and comfortable operation. Still requiring no powder for scanning, the iTero now has a smaller, more ergonomic wand for 1-handed scanning; it can either hover over or rest on teeth. The docking station holds the wand securely when not in use. iTero?s wireless mouse simplifies navigation and accurate fine-tuning, while the intuitive foot pedal simplifies scanning and maneuvering through the software. Optional voice prompt operation also is available. For added convenience, the iTero has an adjustable flat-screen monitor, discreet handles and large locking casters for easy cart mobility, optimized cable length for flexible cart positioning, and a built-in raised keyboard.

Patient Focus

Next to being able to avoid the mess and discomfort of impression material, patients will probably most appreciate the new iTero?s shorter scanning time. State-of-the-art optics and updated algorithms maximize iTero?s capture speed, reducing overall scanning time. Additionally, its thin fiberoptic cable enables exceptionally fast data transfer from the wand to the unit, further improving productivity. For both enhanced patient communication and diagnosis, the iTero renders and displays virtual models in full natural color (stone-colored model rendering remains available). Providing a compelling education and communication experience for patients undergoing Invisalign treatment, Align also is introducing the interactive Invisalign Outcome Simulator application. Requiring only a few minutes to run at chairside, the application provides a dual-view layout of patients? existing dentition next to a simulated view of how their teeth may look after Invisalign treatment. Intuitive tools allow dentists to make real-time adjustments to individual teeth during consultations, increasing patient education and the likelihood of patient acceptance.

Vital Stats

The iTero unit has a small footprint (25.8 in × 15 in) and measures 53 in high. The scanner wand comes with a supply of patient scanning sleeves for intraoral use along with a gray sleeve that protects the wand between patients and enables the iTero remote diagnostics program. Scans from the iTero are open generic STL files (the CAD/CAM standard format) that can be used by any dental laboratory with an open CAD/CAM system.

?One especially exciting application of STL Export is the ability for third party treatment providers to integrate iTero files with cone-beam scans,? Kerri Sebring, director of marketing iTero, points out. ?The detailed merged virtual images offer a powerful new tool for implant and orthodontic planning.? For cases where an actual model is desired, scans also can be submitted to Align?s centralized model system for fabrication of a milled polyurethane model. Occlusal relation is scanned and transferred directly to the proprietary iTero articulator; soft tissue is retained in the milled model.

With pricing starting at $29,995, the new iTero imaging system can be customized with multiple software applications and scanning/service subscription options. ?The new iTero has been engineered with advanced optics and enhanced algorithms that substantially increase the speed of capture to reduce the overall scanning time,? said Timothy A. Mack, Align Technology vice president and general manager of iTero. ?Additionally, the new scanning wand and fiberoptic cord are lighter and ergonomically designed to improve the user and patient experience.?

*Align business partners (eg, BIOMET 3i, Straumann, etc) have validated their implant solution using iTero.