Keller Laboratories ClearFrame Metal-Free Partials

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 05/23/2011
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Clear is here,? touts Keller Laboratories about its ClearFrame metal-free partials. Offering patients and clinicians an esthetically pleasing, cost-effective option, ClearFrame partials are designed in a similar manner as traditional cast metal partials except the chrome cobalt frames are replaced with a clear, semi-rigid nylon framework.

State-of-the-art Design

ClearFrame partials are made from a state-of-the-art injection molded material that provides strength and minimal porosity. Because the material is nonporous, ClearFrame remains resistant to the build up of biologic material, stains, and odors, resulting in a truly hygienic partial. Like conventional acrylics, ClearFrame partials are easy to adjust and re-polish. Additionally, ClearFrame does not contain Bisphenol A.

Metal-Free Esthetics

A full-service laboratory, Keller is dedicated to providing clinicians with the tools they need to provide high-quality patient care. This is best represented through the esthetics and comfort offered by ClearFrame. The ClearFrame clasps are semi-rigid and transparent. The clasps work in the same manner as on a metal framework, engaging undercuts on the buccal or labial of the patient?s natural teeth. However, because of their transparent design, ClearFrame clasps are virtually undetectable in the mouth.

The occlusal rest seats also provide the clinician with exceptional vertical stability without compromising the esthetics desired by the patient. Because harsh metal is completely eliminated from the design, the strong material and unobtrusive lightweight design of ClearFrame partials increases patient comfort. In addition, patients will not experience the metal taste associated with chrome cobalt partials.


Providing clinicians with the most bang for their buck, ClearFrame partials are well suited for nearly all partial indications. This includes most cast partial indications, long and free end saddles, flat ridges, and cases with few remaining teeth. At only $259 including Kenson teeth ($119 for ClearFrame frame only), ClearFrame partials are less expensive than traditional cast partials, according to Keller.


In addition to their exceptional versatility and esthetics, ClearFrame partials offer outstanding chairside convenience. With ClearFrame partials, the denture teeth are set in the edentulous areas and processed in standard denture acrylic. This allows the clinician to easily reline, repair, and polish acrylic saddles chairside.

Because Keller is dedicated to providing high-quality laboratory solutions, Keller products are backed by a 90-day customer satisfaction guarantee after completion, or Keller will remake, rework, or replace the cost of the original product upon return. Keller also offers an extended product guarantee. ?Elyse Fetherman