Ketac Nano: A New Delivery for a Trusted Restorative

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 02/01/2011
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As innovations are continually made in this industry, "ease-of use" has been a large contributing factor in the development of new products. I've been using glass ionomers since the early 1970s, but 3M's latest advancement in this product category is an ease-of-use innovation that expedites the delivery of these products and maximizes their favorable attributes.

No Mixing = Ease-of-Use

3M's Ketac Nano Light-Curing Glass Ionomer Restorative now comes in the form of a Quick Mix Capsule, which makes dispensing and using the material easier than ever. Previous delivery systems required triturating and hand mixing, which was inconvenient, time-consuming, and resulted in a relatively imprecise mix. The new delivery system, however, is the first auto-mixing unit dose capsule, which makes the process of preparing the restorative 3 times faster than that of triturated capsules. Each capsule contains a unit dose of the restorative's 2 pastes, which are mixed inside the tip of the device, allowing the material to be dispensed directly into the preparation. The resulting mix has improved consistency and has resulted in fewer voids, which is essential to maximize the physical properties of this class of materials.

Material Benefits

With this simplified delivery system, the benefits of Ketac Nano restorative—outstanding wear resistance, esthetics, and polish—can shine through. This was the first resin-modified glass ionomer to blend nanotechnology with fluoroaluminosilicate technology. Other glass ionomers contain a broad range of particle sizes, which can reduce strength and wear resistance. The nano particles in Ketac Nano provide resistance to wear as well as opportunities to achieve a smooth surface that will prevent the accumulation of plaque in cervical areas.

One aspect of glass ionomers that professionals should consider is the ionomer's ability to form chemical bonds with the tooth. Glass ionomers chemically fuse to surfaces that don't always achieve a secure bond, minimizing microleakage.

Glass ionomers are excellent for geriatric patients—in whom root caries are common—and children—in whom efficient placement and short- to medium- term restorations are desired. Ketac Nano offers excellent fluoride release in addition to its esthetic properties.

Results in My Practice

In my practice, the innovative Quick Mix Capsule has improved efficiency with the use of glass ionomers and has minimized problems associated with delivery, placement, and finishing. The ease-of-use coupled with this precise delivery system improves on an already trusted and reliable brand—Ketac Nano Light-Curing Glass Ionomer Restorative. It simplifies restorative procedures for dental professionals and performs exceptionally for patients.