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Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 09/20/2013
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Constant refrigeration and a unique Tri-Barrel delivery system are just 2 of the many innovations that allow KöR Whitening to deliver excellent whitening results.


In 2009, KöR Whitening received what is still the highest Dental Product Shopper evaluation rating of any whitening system reviewed. Out of a possible 5.0, it received a 4.8 rating and an overall satisfaction rating of 4.9. This was quite a feat for a company only 2 years old at the time.

In the years since the company?s inception, KöR Whitening has gained a group of staunch supporters and massive popularity. A quick online search shows a multitude of positive remarks and before-and-after case photos posted on dental forums by users all over the world.


A History of Innovation

KöR Whitening is owned by Dr. Rod Kurthy, a whitening science expert with research experience in this category dating back to 1977. In addition to being the first (and only) company to refrigerate a full line of whitening products, KöR also introduced a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee in 2011--the only whitening company to do so, according to KöR.

Also in 2011, Dr. Kurthy introduced a Tri-Barrel chemical formulation and delivery system?the first and only Tri-Barrel whitening system currently available. By separating the chemical formula into 3 divided chambers (Tri-Barrel) instead of only 2 (Dual-Barrel), Dr. Kurthy was able to add more "critical" components into the formula. Many chemicals cannot be mixed together until use, and by incorporating 3 separate barrels into the delivery system, a more intricate solution is possible.


Don't Lose Your Cool

When it comes to the effectiveness of whitening gels, the fresher the product is, the more effective it is. KöR Whitening is the only whitening company dedicated to refrigerating a full line of whitening products from the instant of manufacture until received cold by the dental practice.

All whitening products are unstable chemicals, which is why they are able to break down quickly in the mouth and whiten teeth. The problem with this chemical instability is that typical whitening gels start breaking down immediately after manufacture, especially during warehouse storage and freight shipping, which often results in temperatures of 125°F to 165°F. KöR Whitening products are kept at a temperature between 34°F to 38°F at all times to prevent premature degradation of the gels.


Whitening: A Sensitive Subject

Constant refrigeration also has an effect on patient sensitivity. When refrigeration is not used, chemical stabilizers must be added, resulting in raised osmolarity of the whitening gel--as much as 11 times higher. The higher the osmolarity, the more pull on dentinal tubular fluid, and the greater the chance (and severity) of sensitivity during whitening. Because of KöR's constant refrigeration, the company uses no chemical stabilizers, which results in very low osmolarity. Without these stabilizers, the whitening gel is more unstable when placed in the mouth and has a very thorough chemical breakdown to bleaching factors.


Staying Ahead of the Curve

With all the publicity KöR Whitening has received, most dentists have seen or heard about the effectiveness of KöR on extremely difficult cases such as tetracycline, fluorosis, or dark geriatric cases. Any hesitancy to try this product line seems to stem from a perception of high cost and extensive chairtime, both of which have been curtailed from its initial launch into the market. Through continued R&D and introduction of the Dual-Activated, Tri-Barrel Hydremide Peroxide formulation, chairtime has been reduced drastically. With KöR's continued growth, the price has come down as well. It is now competitively priced with several different product line options appropriate for virtually any whitening case, not just the tough ones.

With such significant results on tetracycline and fluorosis cases, imagine what it can do for the average patient.