Lares PowerLase AT: Serve Your Patients and Your Practice

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 10/02/2009
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Technology and dentistry have been progressing together with the ?idea? of making the dental experience ?more pleasant? for the patient and less stressful for the dentist. Anybody who has experienced belt drive to electric high speed will concur.

As dentists we are driven to change for 2 reasons:

1. For our patients, we want to provide better service.

2. For ourselves, we want dentistry to be ?easier,? ?faster,? and ?better.?

Unfortunately, there is often more emphasis on faster rather than better. However, laser dentistry has made it possible to improve the patient experience and the dentistry we provide. As lasers evolve, we are able to provide a higher standard of care than ever before.

Standard of Care

I recently changed from an Er,Cr:YSGG 2780 nm wavelength laser to an Er:YAG 2940 nm wavelength laser?the PowerLase AT from Lares Research?because it allows me to reach a higher standard of care and has increased the speed at which I perform many procedures.

The PowerLase AT is unique because it combines 2 wavelengths (Er:YAG 2940 nm and Nd:YAG 1064 nm) into a single device, making it versatile and convenient.

Improved Strength and Patient Comfort

With the PowerLase AT, I?ve found that I have greatly improved bond strength over other lasers. Cavities prepared using the PowerLase AT have better bond strength than carbide preps. The PowerLase AT also provides a high level of comfort for patients during cavity preparations because the need for local anesthetic is greatly reduced. With faster cutting speed because of the more efficient wavelength and delivery system and less need for local anesthetic, I can perform more cavity preparations in a shorter period of time.

All patients love the idea of no injection if there is no ?pain.? Most patients accept local anesthetic because the alternative is usually horrific. With the PowerLase AT, I?m able to perform better dentistry faster, a win for the patient and a win for me.

Choosing Quality Over Time

As dentists, we should be guided by the compass not the clock. With the goal of cavity preparation being to conserve as much of the original enamel as possible, using the PowerLase AT is one of my ?no brainers.?