Lasers, Loupes, and the Keys to Modern Dentistry

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 11/25/2013
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IRVINE, CA, Nov 15, 2013 ? At the Updates in Contemporary Dentistry meeting, Ron Kaminer, DDS, spoke to hundreds of dentists and hygienists, focusing on how dentistry is shifting toward minimally invasive modalities for a better patient experience and better overall care. With new technology and techniques, Kaminer encouraged clinicians to move away from a traditional "drill and fill" mentality and toward preventative oral healthcare. 

Diode Lasers: the Next Big Thing

One major piece of Dr. Kaminer's minimally invasive practice is his diode laser (AMD Lasers' Picasso). Explaining that he could never go back to practicing without it, Dr. Kaminer said he uses his diode for everything from frenectomies and gingival sculpting to gingival retraction prior to impression taking, eliminating the need to pack cord. In addition, diode lasers can reduce bleeding and reduce patient discomfort. These features combine to create an excellent alternative to the scalpel.

Magnification and Ergonomics

Dr. Kaminer also discussed his emphasis on loupes and magnification. Light and magnification can instantly help any clinician practice better dentistry. In addition, the magnification provided by his Q-Optics loupes can help maintain proper posture, reducing back and neck strain. Years of back and neck strain add up, and nipping this issue in the bud early on can go a long way to helping to prolong careers.

The Latest Developments in Varnish

Dr. Kaminer espoused the latest generations of sodium flouride varnish that are helping clinicians improve visibility in the oral cavity. He said the best brands go on as clear as possible, don't string or clump, and stick to the wet tooth. These improvements allow for an easier, faster procedure time for patient and clinician both.

In a separate interview with Dental Learning staff, Dr. Kaminer noted that he uses Sultan Healthcare's Durashield CV sodium flouride varnish for its crystal clear application and versatile features. He also recommended AMD Lasers' Picasso diode laser for an affordable, simple solution for laser beginners and veterans alike. Kaminer said his Q-Optics loupes provide him with clarity in the operatory and help maintain posture and ergonomics. He uses Remin Pro by VOCO to aid in remineralization and attempt to save or even rebuild enamel before turning to more invasive procedures. Lastly, he spoke about his use of Pola whitening by SDI and DenMat's VELscope Vx oral cancer detection system that help him provide additional services to patients that help increase a practice's income.