Materials and CAD/CAM Success

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 07/03/2012
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Dr. Jack Griffin presented a wide range of material options--blocks, cements, bonding agents--to ensure success with chairside CAD/CAM.

MILWAUKEE?Could it have been better timing? Just two days before Dr. Jack Griffin?s presentation on materials and digital dentistry, the ADA announced that a new and popular CAD/CAM millable material would be classified as a porcelain/ceramic and therefore be eligible for insurance reimbursement as such. The decision came after lobbying by 3M ESPE and applies specifically to its Lava Ultimate  CAD/CAM blocks.
New classification
According to 3M ESPE press materials, ?The new definition will take effect in January 2013. This means Lava Ultimate restorative will be covered under all of the existing CDT codes for ceramic materials like other porcelain/ceramic materials.? The code D2740 will be used for Lava Ultimate  crowns.
Among the many materials Dr. Griffin endorsed, Lava Ultimate received his highest praise. ?Lava Ultimate?s got it all. It?s easy to mill, doesn?t require firing, and is super strong and durable,? said he said. ?It also has a nice shade range.?
That said, Dr. Griffin is also a fan of Ivoclar Vivadent?s lithium disilicate e.Max  and Glidewell?s BruxZir  zirconia.
A strong hold
Helpful hints on bonding and cementation abounded in Dr. Griffin?s lecture. One little known product he recommended is Ceramir Crown and Bridge  cement from a Swedish manufacturer Doxa. ?Without getting too technical, Ceramir?s  not a resin, glass ionomer, or zinc phosphate,? he mentioned. ?It is a bioceramic material with a chemical structure similar to hydroxyapatite. Ceramir does not shrink and provides a great marginal seal.?
With all the discussion of materials, Dr. Griffin emphasized that regardless of the materials chosen, the preparation is key, noting, ?Great bonding cannot overcome a poor preparation.?
Want to learn more about these and other materials covered in Dr. Griffin?s program? Check out this online course, up your materials IQ, and earn 2 CE credits.