MDI Mini Dental Implants

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 03/05/2012
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MDI Mini Dental Implants

MDI Mini Dental Implants are an affordable solution backed by expert training and support.

The history of mini dental implants dates back to the 1990s when the FDA first approved their use. One of the leaders in this area of dentistry is the 3M MDI Mini Dental Implant System.

First introduced in 1999 as the IMTEC Sendax MDI System, the MDI Mini Dental Implant System is now a market-leader among small-diameter implants.

A Minimally Invasive Treatment Option

While traditional implants provide a true service to many patients, the time and cost involved in this treatment can often be prohibitive for some patients. For example, a less invasive treatment option can be ideal for patients who do not have adequate bone for a traditional implant but want to avoid bone grafting. MDI Mini Dental Implants are indicated for patients who need long-term full denture stabilization, long-term partial denture stabilization, and long-term fixation of bridges.

The minimally invasive MDI Mini Dental Implant procedure requires about 90 minutes. This patented protocol can often be completed using a flapless technique. In addition, the patient's existing denture typically can be used. Recovery time after the placement of MDI Mini Dental Implants is much less than for traditional implants. In fact, many patients can eat normally within days after treatment.

3M offers many attachment options. Attachment designs are available for custom retention, with 3 retention options and designs that forgive up to 30-degrees of divergence between 2 implants. These options do not require an angle correction inventory. MDI Mini Dental Implants are available in diameters of 1.8 mm, 2.1 mm, 2.3, and 2.9 mm. Implant length options include 10 mm, 13 mm, 15 mm, and 18 mm.

Affordable Care—For the Patient and the Practice

Beyond being the right treatment option for many patients, MDI Mini Dental Implants provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional implants for both the patient and the dental practice. MDI Mini Dental Implants are more affordable for patients than traditional implants because they are more affordable for the dental practice. According to 3M, dental staff can earn certification in a 1-day seminar and the cost of the introductory kit can be covered in 1 or 2 cases.

When a dentist begins offering MDI Mini Dental Implants, it can help to set that practice apart from others in the area. It also opens the door to additional treatment and may help the practice to retain patients.

Education Is Key

3M provides all dentists with the education and customer service they need to ensure successful treatment outcomes for their patients. The MDI Espertise Certification seminars are led by some of the most experienced smalldiameter implant dentists in the country. These courses provide hands-on experience with realistic anatomical models and group discussion. In addition, attendees have the opportunity to review potential MDI case diagnostics with their expert instructors.

In addition, 3M offers a Clinical Support Network that assists dentists with their first few cases to ensure success. Dentists can have their case planning reviewed by 3M staff clinicians, and they also can receive chairside support if desired.

The Perfect Solution

3M's MDI Mini Dental Implants are the perfect solution for patients and dentists. They provide patients with an affordable way to improve function and esthetics, and they offer dentists a new treatment option that is a true practice builder.