Midwest Automate

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 03/20/2014
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I have used an automated handpiece maintenance system for years, and our practice is a big fan of the concept. I know from experience that my handpieces run more efficiently and break down less frequently when we use an automatic system specifically dedicated to cleaning and lubrication. However, I was battling green sludge with my previous automated handpiece maintenance system.

So when DENTSPLY Midwest introduced Midwest Automate last year, I decided to take a look at it. I had important criteria that I wanted in an automated handpiece maintenance system. Besides eliminating the green sludge issue, I wanted a system that could handle multiple handpieces at once and could accommodate multiple couplers because I have several different types of handpieces in the office. What I found was that Midwest Automate fit all my necessary criteria for an automated handpiece maintenance system, and I now use it in my office regularly.

Effective, Complete Maintenance

I am happy to report that since using Midwest Automate, I have successfully eliminated the green sludge problem? and gained so much more. The system cleans my handpieces and is easy to use as well. Its modern design is a really nice addition to the sterilization area, and it is easy to wipe down and maintain. Another great benefit is that Midwest Automate lubes the head of handpiece, so I don?t have problems with burs getting locked in the heads. The dedicated chuck cleaning port cleans and lubes the chucking mechanism so that burs are easier to insert and remove.

Versatility Benefits

A big factor for my choice in an automated handpiece maintenance system was finding a versatile option. My practice uses several different manufacturers? handpieces, so I needed a system that would work for all of them, not just some. Midwest Automate accommodates them all, providing yet another benefit to my practice. Increased Staff Efficiency Both dental assistants and hygienists use Midwest Automate in my office. The dental assistants use it most often, and I have noticed an increase in workflow efficiency with Midwest Automate. Because the system can process up to 3 handpieces at a time, my dental assistants have significantly decreased the time spent on handpiece cleaning. Midwest Automate has streamlined workflow in sterilization because it runs 3 handpieces at once.

I recommend the Midwest Automate automated handpiece maintenance system for its ease of use and its ability to accommodate multiple handpieces at once. It is simple to operate and maintain, making it functional and necessary in my practice.