Midwest Diamonds

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 05/14/2014
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Reliable cutting and precise concentricity in reusable or disposable instruments

DENTSPLY Professional is well known for its comprehensive line of Midwest carbide cutting instruments. The company puts the same quality construction and reliability into its equally wide-ranging line of Midwest diamond burs. Midwest diamonds are available in reusable, autoclavable styles and in single-use disposable versions.

Use-After-Use Reliability

Midwest Multi-Use diamonds feature 5 multiple levels of natural diamond grit, evenly distributed and bonded to a single-piece stainless-steel shank.  The natural diamonds provide more cutting surfaces than synthetic diamonds, and are bonded to the shank via a high-voltage electroplating process for durability. With proper care, cleaning and sterilization (using a product like the Midwest Bur Brush) Midwest Diamonds can be reused several times. 

They are designed to provide optimum concentricity and reliable cutting, use after use. Midwest Multi-Use diamonds come in 7 types of grit (from ultra-fine through ultra-coarse, with dual-grit options) and more than 80 unique shapes. With 2 shank variations (friction grip and short shank), a total of 500 diamonds accommodates any clinical need. 

Midwest Multi-Use Diamonds come packaged in a unique matchbook format that facilitates clean storage, easy dispensing and, most importantly, simple identification. Each 5 pack matchbook identifies the diamond visually, by product shape code on both the top spine and on the front cover of the matchbook.

Disposable Convenience

Supplied individually packaged and sterile, Midwest ONCE diamonds  streamline infection control workflow by eliminating cleaning and autoclaving. Their proprietary combination of diamonds provides optimal cutting efficiency and a precision-ground stainless steel shank ensures smooth rotation.

Midwest ONCE diamonds come in 115 combinations of diameter, size and grit, in popular configurations. 

Midwest ONCE diamonds come in boxes of 25 pre-sterilized, single-patient diamonds of a single style. Each box contains a perforated roll of 25 individually packaged diamonds with part number, lot code, shape and grit printed on the package; each individual package is clear on one side for easy identification. Additionally, each box includes obvious ?red dot? labeling indicated that the contents have been irradiated. Because the boxes identify the Midwest Diamond size, shape, and grit, they are easily identified. 

Keeping Current

With the meteoric rise in the popularity of zirconia crowns and bridges (either full zirconia or those with zirconia substructures), it is likely that dentists will frequently find themselves needing to cut these super-hard restorations for a variety of reasons, including adjustment prior to seating, removal, or creating endodontic access. According to testing done by CR Foundation and published in Clinician's Report (Vol. 1, Issue 8, August 2008), diamond (as opposed to carbide) rotary instruments are the preferred choice for cutting zirconia. All of the diamonds tested rated excellent or excellent to good, while all of the carbides tested rated poor. As an aside, diamond grit was not found to be a factor in determining an instrument's ability to cut zirconia.