Multilink Automix

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 04/28/2014
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Find out why Dr. Lee Ann Brady believes that Multilink Automix provides the security of a long-lasting sealed bond along with ease of clean-up and is ideal for non-retentive prep designs.

Adhesive cementation is playing an ever increasing role in day-to-day dentistry, especially with the development of modern, highly esthetic, minimally invasive all-ceramic options. For clinical success with these restorations, selecting the right adhesive cement is critical.

I started using Ivoclar Vivadent?s Multilink Automix as soon as it was released in 2004. I previously used the former version of Multilink Autmoix and loved its high bond strength, strong mechanical properties, and excellent marginal seal. With Multilink Automix, I have all those same features, plus easy clean-up, and improved handling properties and set time, along with automix delivery. It can be used for any and all indirect restorations made of metal, metal-ceramic, allceramic, and composite.

Clinical Convenience

Multilink Automix comes as a system that includes self-etching and selfcuring Multilink Primer. This primer is responsible for establishing a strong adhesive bond to tooth structure; its chemical initiators accelerate the setting reaction as soon as Multilink Automix comes in contact with the primer.

Among its other attributes, Multilink Automix comes in a wide range of shades--transparent, yellow, white, and opaque, which also are available in tryin pastes. Multiple shades provide versatility, while the try-in pastes let me check the shade effect on the restoration before fi nal cementation.

Another benefit of Multilink Automix is easy clean-up. With the ?quarter technique,? optimal light polymerization coverts the cement to a gel-like consistency, simplifying removal and significantly reducing chairtime (click here for details on the quarter technique).

Multilink Automix also comes with Air Block Liquid Strip, which prevents an oxygen inhibition layer from forming on the exposed cement during curing-- hence providing me consistently sealed margins.

Clinical Performance

I am a big fan of IPS e.max for indirect restorations, and I prescribe it regularly. My thinking is that, because I am using the strongest glass ceramic material, I should be using Multilink Automix--one of the strongest adhesive cements--for the best clinical outcome. It offers the dependability that I?ve found with all Ivoclar Vivadent products. Its superior mechanical properties contribute to restoration longevity; in its 10+ years? existence, Multilink Automix has demonstrated a 99% survival rate.

Because it is a self-cure resin cement system with an option of light curing, I can confidently use Multilink Automix with any restoration?from IPS e.max to composites, and especially zirconia. This makes Multilink Automix a truly universal and versatile product in my practice.

Minimally-Invasive Friendly

The latest all-ceramic systems allow us to place beautiful restorations and conserve tooth with partial coverage. Multilink Automix has become my goto cement for these restorations with limited mechanical retention form.