Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 03/20/2014
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Low Shrinkage and High Conversion for a Wide Range of Direct Restorative Indications

Find out why John C. Comisi, DDS, believes that N?Durance is unique with its low shrinkage, high monomer conversion, and is a go-to material for all direct restorative classes, anterior, and posterior.

Easy to handle, easy to cure, and easy to polish, Septodont?s N?Durance has become an indispensable material in my direct restorative armamentarium for many reasons.

Unique Chemistry

I had heard of N?Durance a while back, but because I am so inundated with new product alerts in this very busy electronic world, I did not pay much attention to it. When I did investigate, the Dimer formulation of the resin piqued my interest. So I started using N?Durance about 6 months ago and was initially very pleased with its overall characteristics and high polishability.

Then I started looking closer at the chemistry of N?Durance. We know that a composite?s monomer and filler components dictate its overall properties. With the optimal filler and monomer combination, Septodont has developed a long-lasting, highly esthetic resin-based composite restorative material.

It is interesting to note that N?Durance has a high monomer conversion, which optimizes the physical and mechanical proprieties, but at the same time because of the Dimer chemistry shrinks significantly less then other composites currently available. This high conversion rate enhances the biocompatibility of the material and reduces the risk of unfavorable tissue response and postoperative sensitivity.

Clinical Benefits

The Dimer technology and filler particles in N?Durance significantly reduce polymerization and volumetric shrinkage, in turn reducing stress at the tooth/restoration interface for improved durability. Additionally, N?Durance is compatible with all resin adhesive systems, and does not ?box me in? to using just 1 type of adhesive system. I like that a lot because I can use familiar techniques.

Further contributing to its long-term durability of both function and esthetics, N?Durance exhibits high compressive strength and excellent wear resistance with no water uptake.

Another great benefit is N?Durance?s high radiopacity for simple radiographic monitoring, immediately after placement and in the long term. Also worth noting is the nonsticky consistency of N?Durance, which makes it a breeze to place and sculpt.


N?Durance can be used for virtually all direct restorations, from Class 1?s to Class 5?s, anterior and posterior. It comes in 10 VITA shades along with Universal Opaque and Bleach White shades. This comprehensive color palette gives me the range of shading possibilities for natural-looking esthetics.

There is no single material out there that can be used in every potential situation when treating a patient, but having the ability to call on a variety of materials for clinical situations that arise puts my mind at ease. N?Durance is a key player in this mix in my practice. When I want highly esthetic, highly polishable, long-lasting restorations, this is the material I call for most often.

Offering great handling, curing, and polishing?and covered by Septodont?s 10-year guarantee?N?Durance will definitely become a key material in any dentist?s treatment regimen.