New Trends and the Future of Dentistry

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 05/23/2013
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ELLICOTT CITY, MD, May 17, 2013 ? "I want patients to shop in my store," said Ron Kaminer, DDS, in front of an audience of more than 220 dentists, hygienists, and assistants at Dental Learning's Updates in Contemporary Dentistry event. Throughout his presentation, Dr. Kaminer stressed the value he places on embracing new technologies and treatment modalities to keep practices profitable, especially in this down economy. Whether it's adding a whitening service, or using lasers to reduce pain, Dr. Kaminer explained stressed the importance of giving patients what they want, so they keep coming back for more.

Soft-Tissue Lasers: The Definition of Minimally Invasive

With a major focus of his talk on "minimally invasive dentistry," Dr. Kaminer espoused the benefits that soft-tissue diode lasers can provide for both clinicians and patients. Explaining that he hasn't used a scalpel in years, Dr. Kaminer said that lasers are a huge help in that they reduce healing time, eliminate bleeding, and are safe to use around implants. These factors result in less pain and quicker healing for the patient.

These diode lasers can be used in a wide variety of soft-tissue, surgical, periodontal, and whitening procedures, helping recoup that initial investment quickly. The combination of cutting edge technology and versatility allows the dentist to save time and money, while raising the level of patient care. In addition, because soft-tissue lasers can provide a better patient experience, they can have an invaluable effect on referrals and helping to create patients that keep coming back.

Employing Technology to Detect Decay

Dr. Kaminer continued his presentation by explaining his dissatisfaction with relying solely on an explorer and x-ray in diagnosing caries. With the advancement of modern technology, manufacturers are developing new means of caries-detection that help clinicians enhance their diagnostic capabilities. From cameras that make bacteria appear to fluoresce, to software that triages trouble areas, there are numerous options for clinicians available.

Loupes: Seeing Is Believing

Dr. Kaminer also discussed the value he places on loupes in his practice. He said the magnification and extra light can help him see better and do better. In addition, the magnification provided by loupes can help clinicians maintain proper posture, reducing back and neck strain and possibly helping to prolong their careers.

Winning Patients with Whitening

Dr. Kaminer explain Ned that US consumers spent over a billion dollars on over-the-counter tooth whitening in 2012. He said that whitening is a service that every clinician can provide to increase revenues, and he urged dentists to not be afraid of doing whitening for teens. In his practice, Dr. Kaminer offers a menu of different whitening options to cater to any budget and patient, including a novel treatment that brings the patient in for whitening for 2 consecutive days.

Get Found Online

In attempting to inspire change in the attendees and recommending new treatment modalities and technology, Dr. Kaminer reminded the audience that they must market every new service that their practice offers. If you adopt a new technology, or offer patients a new benefit, the only way you can sell it is to let them know it exists. That includes in-office education, as well as updating the practice's website so new and current patients can stay up to date on available treatment options.

When interviewed after the meeting, Dr. Kaminer said that he personally uses AMD?s Picasso and Picasso Lite portable diode lasers to supplant his scalpel. He is able to perform a wide range of procedures and increase patient comfort substantially by employing these affordable soft-tissue lasers in his practice. Dr. Kaminer expanded on his highest tier, boutique whitening option for patients. On day 1, he uses SDI?s Pola Office+. The patient then comes back the next day for a round of Zoom! whitening, and the double-dose of whitening helps with patient satisfaction. Later in the interview, Dr. Kaminer explained the benefits of his Q-Optics loupes and headlights to help him maintain proper posture and improve patient care. In the same interview Dr. Kaminer said he prefers Air Techniques? Spectra caries detector, since is can help him improve his diagnostic capabilities and perform more preventative treatment. For his practice's website, he said that he uses VivioSites for his personal website, as they handle all the SEO and off-page optimization automatically.