NOVUS Denture Liner

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 05/22/2013
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Offering a comfortable, durable, and functional lining is one of the most important services we provide denture patients. Lang Dental?s NOVUS definitive resilient denture reline material allows us to reliably do this. NOVUS is indicated for all dentures, especially mandibular dentures that patients usually find more difficult to tolerate. It is also useful for removable partial dentures, maxillary obturators, and the intraoral component of maxillofacial prostheses. Based on polyphosphazene (PNF) synthetic rubber, NOVUS is radiopaque, permanently resilient, and absorbs energy from chewing. It also has low water absorption and resists fungal growth.

Proven History

NOVUS was originally manufactured by The Hygenic Corporation from 1989 through 1994. It was absent from the marketplace because the the PNF gum was unavailabile. PNF is now synthesized and compounded exclusively for Lang Dental, which allowed Lang to reintroduce NOVUS in 2011. The composition is identical to the original, except for its improved pigment that matches oral tissues better with longterm color stability.

Long-Lasting Resilience

Unlike conventional plasticized acrylics, NOVUS remains permanently soft and resilient, absorbing shock at knife-edged ridges. Additionally, it does not bounce back during chewing, reducing the need for office visits to adjust sore spots. Healthy on its Own NOVUS is passive to surface and subsurface fungus overgrowth, so it needs no periodic surface coating to restrict the migration of toxic plasticizers. Similarly, it does not require periodic antimicrobial treatments (compared to silicone and urethane materials, which frequently become contaminated after only a few months). NOVUS stays clean using conventional at-home hygiene procedures. NOVUS contains no phthalates, which are widely used plasticizers that have been linked to a wide range of health problems such as liver, kidney, and lung damage. I feel confident using NOVUS safely on my patients.

Ease of Handling

During laboratory processing, NOVUS chemically bonds to fresh denture acrylics, uses standard denture processing procedures, equipment, and temperatures. It is easily finished and adjusted with ordinary rotary instruments in the laboratory, dental office, or anywhere in the field. NOVUS is supplied as a single-component paste that requires no mixing. Easy to grind, adjust, and polish with most rotary instruments, NOVUS exhibits low surface tension with excellent wetting along with low water absorption, eliminating swelling (and consequent changes in vertical dimension). It readily engages deep anatomical undercuts, and it is moldable around implant heads and bars, or around overdenture abutments. This provides denture retention, stability, and support, and allows denture movement towards the abutments and tissues. NOVUS offers excellent bonding to acrylic denture bases for permanent adhesive strength. It can be processed using standard dental laboratory compressionmolding processing steps. NOVUS comes in individually sealed ?patties? with an unlimited shelf life if refrigerated.