NuSmile Crowns

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 09/06/2011
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NuSmile Crowns

Providing a durable, esthetic restorative solution, NuSmile pediatric crowns celebrate their 20-year anniversary.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of NuSmile, a manufacturer of pediatric crowns. In 1991, the same year as the company?s founding, NuSmile Anterior Crowns were first introduced. These natural-looking, esthetic crowns were developed by research and development in NuSmile?s own laboratory. NuSmile Anterior Crowns were later joined by NuSmile Posterior crowns in 1993 due to customer requests, according to Diane Johnson Krueger, the CEO and President of NuSmile.


A restorative solution for pediatric patients with early childhood caries (ECC), NuSmile crowns offer an esthetic alternative to traditional stainless steel crowns. Stainless steel crowns, despite their appearance, have long been considered the ?standard of care? in the United States for treating children with ECC, due to the crowns? low cost and durable, full coverage protection, said Krueger. NuSmile crowns, on the other hand, offer the benefi ts of a stainless steel crown, but with a durable, tooth-colored coating, she said.

?Masking the metal from showing through and obtaining a great deal of translucency with a very thin coating has presented challenges,? said Krueger. Over the past 5 years, NuSmile has worked with well-known researcher, Dr. Rade Paravina, to refi ne the 2 shades of the crowns, Krueger said.


The latest generation of NuSmile crowns is manufactured in the United States with the company?s proprietary manufacturing process. The process includes strategic reinforcement of critical crown surfaces as well as a proprietary bonding molecule for the tooth-colored coating, according to Krueger.


NuSmile crowns are indicated for children with multiple surface caries and children considered at high risk for caries. One of the key features of NuSmile crowns is easy placement.

Krueger said that when placing NuSmile crowns, there is a little more tooth reduction needed compared with placing traditional stainless steel crowns. ?However, these crowns can also be placed in cases where there is very little tooth structure remaining, unlike a strip crown,? said Krueger. In addition, she warns that a ?snap fit? should be avoided.

?The desired end result is a singlevisit, full-coverage restoration for pediatric dentition that looks like a healthy tooth and that will not require ongoing repairs and retreatment of the child,? said Krueger.

New Innovations, Old Price

Over the years, the NuSmile line has seen some changes. More durability, more shades, more lengths, and more sizes are a few improvements that Krueger shared. ?What hasn?t changed is the cost,? said Krueger. ?NuSmile Anterior Crowns are the same cost as when they were introduced in 1991.? She added that the posterior crowns have undergone 2 price reductions because of the implementation of manufacturing efficiencies.

Krueger said that NuSmile is the only esthetic crown manufacturing company that is ISO 13485 certified for medical device manufacturing. She added, ?We are very proud of these accomplishments.?

What?s next for the NuSmile crown line? ?We expect to have 2.5 million crowns in use worldwide by later this year, which we intend to celebrate,? said Krueger.