NV Microlaser

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 10/07/2011
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NV Microlaser

The first pocket-sized laser, the NV Microlaser brought freedom to the dental office and operatory.

Prior to the release of the NV Microlaser, clinicians often complained of losing precious time moving tabletop lasers between operatories. Responding to this need, the team behind Discus Dental?s NV Microlaser spent more than 2 years developing the technology to revolutionize the dental diode laser, making it unparalleled in portability.

Introduced in 2008, the NV Microlaser was the fi rst of its kind, and remains one of the smallest, lightest lasers on the market today.

Power and Portability

Weighing only 1.9 ounces and completely selfcontained, the NV?s wire-free handheld design gives clinicians freedom in the office and operatory, making this laser a popular choice among clinicians. In a Dental Product Shopper evaluation of the NV Microlaser, all 9 dentists who participated rated its overall portability and the laser?s size and weight as excellent. One dentist compared its size to that of a fountain pen, saying it is ?instantly portable due to its size and cordless design?super convenient.? Additionally, in the evaluation, all 9 dentists rated the NV Microlaser?s precision and ease of use as excellent or very good.

The Only Way to Go

The NV Microlaser?s disposable tip is a hallmark feature that is also well liked by clinicians. There is no need to cleave it, and it is placed on the laser with no additional adjustments. In the Dental Product Shopper evaluation, the NV Microlaser?s disposable tips were rated as excellent by 7 evaluators and as very good by 2. One evaluator called them ?the only way to go with a diode.?

The need for a fiberoptic cable also has been eliminated, according to the manufacturer. Often these cables are long and cumbersome and become victims of the rolling chair, costing clinicians several feet of fiberoptic cable.

The LED readout on the NV Microlaser is another unique feature. The internally built gyro means the laser knows which direction is up, ensuring both right- and left-handed practitioners can read the LED. In addition, it is clearly marked and each adjustment has a signal to help the user navigate through the pre-set procedures. Because of its small size, the laser can be used in any area of the mouth.

Power settings for 8 of the most common softtissue laser procedures are pre-programmed into the NV, and precisely placed magnets align and secure tips for exact fiber connection, according to materials provided by Discus Dental.

In the Dental Product Shopper evaluation, the usefulness of NV?s preset procedures was rated as excellent by 5 evaluators, as very good by 1, and as good by 3. One evaluator said the preset procedure menu ?removes all guesswork concerning the power-mode decision.?

Also taking the guesswork out of using the NV Microlaser is the 8-CE in-person certifi cation course, which is offered through Advanced Laser Training at no charge to owners.

NV Microlaser owners get 1 live basic training course or online basic course. Other topics offered through the Advanced Laser Training Inc. include laser physics, safety, and tissue interaction, as well as techniques for success with laser periodontal therapy and soft tissue surgeries.

The Preferred Choice

Combining power and portability, the NV Microlaser from Discus Dental puts diode laser technology in a clinicians? hand with a convenient, cordless device. The NV Microlaser provides better flexibility and mobility than hand-activated lasers, allows unobstructed access and visibility with posterior procedures, and eliminates finger fatigue and loss of dexterity. This combination of benefi ts has made the NV Microlaser a preferred choice for many clinicians for years.