NV Microlaser

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 07/31/2014
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I began using the NV Microlaser about 4 years ago. I had moved to a new office without a laser and found that I could not do the quality of dentistry I wanted to as easily without a laser. For the past 14 years, I used soft-tissue diode lasers that were anywhere from 45 lbs down to about 5 lbs, all with fiber cords. I was looking for a laser that was more convenient to use. When I saw the size of the NV Microlaser, and that it was cordless, I knew I wanted it.

If you haven?t used a laser before, you can be using it very quickly with the training tools that DenMat offers (live courses, online, and DVDs). If you have used a soft-tissue laser before, you will be up and running in minutes.

Versatile Workhorse

I use the NV multiple times every day. In just the past month I have used it for: gingival troughing (so I don?t have to pack retraction cord); gingivectomies (for improved aesthetics or exposure of subgingival margins for placement of a direct restoration); coagulation of bleeding tissue; removal of hyperplastic tissue; fibroma removal; implant uncovering; frenectomy; and aphthous ulcer treatment.

Each of these procedures (except for the retraction cord replacement) have a fee associated with them so the laser can easily pay for itself in very little time. But the main reason I use a laser is that it allows me to deliver a better service to my patients. Even if I did not charge for the procedures, I would use a laser because of the comfort it affords my patients along with the clinical improvements seen with the laser?s clinical use.

Quality Care in Less Time

Just about every time I do a crown, I use the laser to trough around the preparation. This creates the physical space between the tooth margin and soft tissue margin as if I had packed a cord, but eliminates the need to actually place 1 or 2 cords, or to wait for the tissue to reposition and get hemostasis. With the laser, this is accomplished within seconds. I can then take my time to take the impression without having to rush before the tissue rushes back towards the tooth.

Frenectomies are done without the need for sutures, making the recovery for the patient much easier and comfortable. Nothing is as annoying as sutures under the tongue or lip. And with lingual frenectomies, patients very much appreciate the improved experience when they can move their tongues more freely.

Positive ROI

I am asked frequently about less expensive soft-tissue lasers. I think ease of use is important, and there is no other laser as light and portable as the NV Microlaser. If it is easy to use, you will use it. Some other units cost less, but a laser actually used for billable procedures ?costs? much less than a cheap unit that is not used.

Incidentally, I have used hard-tissue lasers and had one for over 10 years. With a hard-tissue laser, you need to change the way you practice dentistry. With a soft-tissue laser, you keep doing the things you are doing currently, just more easily. I use the NV Microlaser for 30-80% of my day in practice. From esthetics and prep and no-prep veneers, to implant surgery and the prosthetic placement, I use my NV Microlaser. For periodontal treatment to fibroma removal, I use my NV Microlaser. It is an indispensable tool in my practice and has made so many other parts of my practice more enjoyable.