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Published Date 03/29/2012
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The OP30 provides what every dental practice needs to get exceptional images every time?a legacy product at a competitive price.

INSTRUMENTARIUM DENTAL has more than just a long history of developing and manufacturing panoramic x-ray imaging systems. In fact, the company introduced the first dental panoramic x-ray unit in 1961, and in 2011 celebrated the 50th anniversary of that first system, the ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH OP1. So it is not a stretch to say that INSTRUMENTARIUM DENTAL established panoramic x-ray imaging, and over the years went on to introduce many models and innovations?including the auto lifting cassette head, Automatic Exposure Control, linear tomography, and volumetric tomography1?which maximized the performance of the ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH line.

For most of its history, INSTRUMENTARIUM DENTAL?s reputation was primarily that of a manufacturer of full-featured, comprehensive extraoral x-ray units. In 2009, to answer the needs of practitioners who wanted a premium, entry-level system at a competitive price, the company introduced the ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH OP30 digital panoramic unit. The OP30 features the essential tools needed for standard panoramic imaging, providing the same quality and design that INSTRUMENTARIUM DENTAL is known for, but at a competitive price.

Easy to Place and Operate

With its small footprint and compact design, the OP30 digital panoramic imaging system can fit almost anywhere in the practice. The design of the OP30 allows for versatile installation possibilities and full wheelchair accessibility.

The straightforward operation of the OP30 makes panoramic imaging fast and easy. An integrated 5.7-in touch-screen boasts extremely userfriendly navigation and ease of use, requiring the user to make only 2 selections from the control panel: choice of imaging program and use of preset kV values or adjusted values.

The OP30 includes 4 imaging programs:

1. Standard Panoramic for clear definition of the dental anatomy, including temporomandibular joint (TMJ) images, in only 10 seconds.

2. Pediatric Panoramic, providing a reduced imaging area for pediatric and small patients.

3. TMJ, which provides a lateral view from the TMJ area with the mouth closed or open.

4. BW, or bite wing view, as a quick and easy alternative for intraoral bite wing imaging.

Supporting Products and Customer Support

INSTRUMENTARIUM DENTAL offers several products that support the OP30, making it a more versatile product for any practice.

SNAPSHOT intraoral sensors and FOCUS X-ray, a high-frequency intraoral DC unit, provide excellent solutions for intraoral imaging. The company also markets CLINIVIEW XV diagnostic imaging software, which supports image capturing from all its imaging solutions; however, images can be imported or scanned from a wide range of other digital sources, as well.

INSTRUMENTARIUM DENTAL ensures that every ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH user has the proper support and service. Instructions and documentation are available on videotape, CD, and DVD.

Working Together

INSTRUMENTARIUM DENTAL works in close cooperation with dental professionals, universities, and research centers to develop products that answer the requests of the dental community. The company?s goal is to provide products with excellent clinical performance combined with ease of use and efficiency.


1. Cederlund A, Kalke M, Welander U. Volumetric tomography? a new tomographic technique for panoramic units. Dentomaxillofacial Radiol. 2009;38:104-111.