Panasil Initial Contact Ideal Hydrophilicity = Ideal Impressions

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 05/20/2011
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Panasil is a line of vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) impression materials with outstanding hydrophilic properties from Kettenbach LP. While there are many choices for taking impressions (ie, polyether, alginate, rubber base, etc.), VPS materials have been a popular choice because of their accuracy, patient acceptance, consistent predictability, and in the most recent batch of materials, much more hydrophilic.

Award Winning

In Kettenbach?s Panasil line, there are 6 different viscosities and 2 different set times?fast and regular; however, the newest addition to the family, Panasil initial contact, is the lightest body material and the most hydrophilic.

An independent product test recently rated Panasil initial contact very highly because of its syringability, neutral taste and scent, and excellent detail capture. In addition, Panasil is comparable in pricing to other VPS materials.

When used in conjunction with a medium or heavy body material, Panasil initial contact ?wash? material captures the gingival margins of crowns with great detail. According to a study published in 2008, Panasil initial contact is the most hydrophilic of any commercially available VPS.1

Excellent Detail

In my personal clinical use, Panasil initial contact and Panasil tray material have allowed me to make singletake impressions capturing excellent detail. The full-arch impressions were for removable clear aligners and require 100% accuracy with no voids, bubbles, drags, pulls or tears. In quadrant cases for restoring implants, the detail and rigidity of the material enabled excellent fit of the analogs and ultimately excellent final restorations.

For restorative procedures, because of Panasil initial contact?s high hydrophilicity, I have been able to capture impressions even in the presence of saliva or blood. In cases where margins are subgingival, Panasil initial contact outperforms other materials.2

Consistently Dependable

In any case, the best impression material allows the clinician to reproduce the oral cavity and dental structures with the least amount of retakes. Panasil initial contact has consistently proven to be a dependable material.


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