Patient Education?Without the IT Headaches

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 10/25/2011
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Patient Education?Without the IT Headaches

What if you could have access to an extensive collection of patient education presentations without the hassles of servers, downloads, installations, upgrades, and other IT headaches? Patterson Dental is helping dentists realize this dream with new CAESY Cloud (www.caesycloud. com), a ?cloud-based? patient education system. CAESY Cloud gives users access to more than 280 frequently updated multimedia presentations through a standard internet connection. No installation is required, and with a low monthly subscription rate, practices can immediately begin using CAESY Cloud.

The Benefits of Convenience

I began beta-testing CAESY Cloud shortly before it was released and have found it to be easy to use and convenient. In the past, I have used both server-based patient education software and software that requires installation onto a local computer. I have found that the convenience of a cloud-based system delivers many benefits compared to the alternatives. Using a cloud-based system eliminates the need for time-consuming and frustrating installations. It?s as simple as opening a web browser and logging onto a website. From the time a practice signs up for the service, staff members can be educating patients almost instantly. In addition, multiple users under the same account can use it at the same time.

CAESY Cloud is compatible with Mac, PC, iPad, and iPhone, and this versatility makes it especially helpful in the office. Its compatibility with portable devices means that patient education can be delivered anywhere, including in the lap of the patient and at chairside. This eliminates the need for additional hardware throughout the entire practice, saving the practice money.

Save Time and Money

With some other patient education systems, there is a need to update software or install the latest version. However, with CAESY Cloud, practices have instant access to all updates and all new presentations automatically. A low monthly subscription is the only cost after the initial registration fee. There is no hassle updating software. Using the cloud eliminates IT headaches and? more importantly?IT costs.

Using patient education presentations optimizes staff time, eliminates the fatigue of repeating explanations, and increases case acceptance. CAESY Cloud makes it simple for patients to see and understand their dental problems and accept the appropriate treatment. The CAESY presentations provide the patients with an independent 3rd party telling them the same information that they are hearing from their dental professionals, and therefore encourages case acceptance. I find that using CAESY Cloud along with other educational tools such as CAESY Smile Channel from Patterson Dental in the reception area are an effective way to educate patients and increase both case acceptance and create new business.

Increase Case Acceptance

Patient education is most useful when it is both effective in reaching the patient and helping them better understand the needed treatment while being cost effective for the practice. CAESY Cloud is both, and at the same time offers easeof- use and versatility. I would definitely recommend it for small and large practices alike who want to increase case acceptance rates and put their practice at the forefront of technology.