Perfectemp 10

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 01/23/2014
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Premium Provisionalization That Holds the Bottom Line

Find out why Dr. Mark Hyman believes that DenMat's Perfectemp10 offers premium performance at an affordable price and delivers both strength and esthetics for demanding patients.

Perfectemp10 is now the go-to material we use for provisionals in my practice. My assistants love it, and they fabricate all of the temporaries?so when they?re happy, we?re all happy.

I had been using Perfectemp II for many years, even before DenMat acquired it. I lecture a lot, and one of the privileges I have is getting the opportunity to beta test a variety of different materials.

When I heard recently that DenMat was launching Perfectemp10, I immediately wanted to try it out. And for so many reasons, it?s become the primary temporary crown and bridge material in my practice.

Versatility and Handling

We can use a single material, Perfectemp10, to make temps for crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and veneers. It is extremely easy to handle, with a simple technique that gives us consistent results and easy clean-up.

Perfectemp10 also boosts our productivity with its accelerated set times (1-1/2 minutes intraorally, with a full cure in 4-1/2 minutes) and because it cures to a natural luster with little to no polishing. Additionally, due to its low shrinkage properties, fit is extremely accurate, so we don?t need to do a lot of adjustment.

The assistants appreciate the choice of delivery systems. Some use the syringe delivery while others prefer the automix cartridge. Both produce the same reliable 10:1 automix for strength and non-brittle flexibility.

Performance in the Mouth

Perfectemp10?s wide range of shades lets us create lifelike temporaries. It comes in A1, A2, A3.5, B1, and BL2 shades so we can provide accurate test-drives for our patients, most of whom tend to be high-demand and esthetic-conscious.

A very particular patient recently visited who had broken off a single anterior crown that had been placed almost 9 years ago as part of a comprehensive 10-unit restorative treatment. She was very angry, wondering out loud who to sue?the lab or me. I explained that the lifespan of this restoration was not unusual and we placed a ?perfect temp? in her mouth with Perfectemp10. She was so pleased that she called back later that evening to apologize and tell me how beautiful the provisional was.

The Bottom Line

With all of its high-end properties, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Perfectemp10 is truly affordable. Even though I am a regular CEREC user, we still do a high volume of temporization. My assistants are responsible for that area of the practice, and Perfectemp10 lets them not only create beautiful, functional temporaries simply and efficiently, but under budget as well.

The economical price point combined with higher productivity truly has a positive impact on our practice?s bottom line.