Pola Collection - 10th Anniversary - Tried and True Product May 2011

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 05/26/2011
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Pola Collection - 10th Anniversary

The Pola Collection from SDI provides fast and consistent whitening results.

Founded in 1972, SDI Inc has a 39-year history of research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of specialist dental materials, with a focus on innovation and excellence. Ten years ago, SDI entered the world of whitening with its Pola Collection of whitening products, which includes Pola Office, Pola Office+, Pola Day, Pola Night, Pola Zing, Soothe, and Pola Paint. In 2010, SDI introduced Pola Day CP, a take-home product with a wear time of only 15 minutes per day.

Pola Office and Pola Office+

SDI's in-office Pola products require no more than 30 minutes of chair time to achieve the desired whitening. Pola Office uses a 35% hydrogen peroxide formula for quick and efficient results. The potassium nitrate built-in desensitizer blocks the transmission of sensitive nerve impulses. Pola Office comes with an easy to remove and clean flexible gingival barrier to protect soft tissues. A curing light is not required with Pola Office; however, according to SDI, any heat-emitting curing light will accelerate the bleaching process.

Pola Office+ has a 37.5% hydrogen formulation for the fast release of peroxide ions to begin the whitening process quickly. As with Pola Office, Pola Office+ includes potassium nitrate to inhibit sensitivity. No mixing is required with the dual-barrel syringe system, which mixes as the gel is applied directly to the tooth and ensures a consistent blend of freshly activated gel to maximize the whitening effect.

Pola Day and Pola Night

Patients can take Pola products home with either Pola Day or Pola Night take-home kits. Patients can request the kit that is best suited to their habits and schedules (day or nighttime whitening).

Pola Day comes in 3 hydrogen peroxide concentrations--3%, 7.5%, or 9.5%; Pola Night comes in 3 carbamide peroxide concentrations--10%, 16%, and 22%. The high viscosity and neutral pH of both formulations ensure patient comfort. In addition, both Pola Day and Pola Night combine soothers, conditioners, and high-water content to further help reduce sensitivity. The treatment wear-time guidelines vary depending on the formulation used.

Pola Zing, Soothe, and Pola Paint

To increase patient compliance and ensure lasting results, SDI has developed 3 products that aid in whitening acceleration, desensitizing, and touchups. Pola Zing, a 35% carbamide peroxide system, helps "jump start" take-home whitening. The patient then wears the tray while sitting in the waiting room.

Soothe is a 6% potassium nitrate, 0.1% fluoridereleasing gel that relieves sensitivity caused by whitening. Soothe will not interfere with whitening and can be applied before or after treatment.

Pola Paint paint-on, low-viscosity whitening gel requires no trays and dries quickly. Patients can use Pola Paint to whiten their whole smile or a single tooth. In addition, they can use it to touch up already-whitened teeth. Like all other Pola products, Pola Paint is fluoride-releasing and has a long-lasting spearmint flavor.

10 Years of Whitening Success

The variety of whitening products developed by SDI over the past 10 years has helped to create a collection that ensures fast, consistent whitening. In celebration of the 10 year anniversay, SDI will be introducing new Pola packaging in June, which is featured in the photos above.

To help dentists market their practics and increase treatment acceptance, SDI has created a full complement of marketing materials, including posters, handouts, and DVDs.

In January 2011, Dental Product Shopper evaluated Pola Office+. The chairside product received a Recommended rating from the 14 dentists who participated in the evaluation. One said, "The product was easy to use and the results were great."