Precision - Tried and True Product May 2011

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 05/26/2011
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Precision impression materials from DenMat provide accurate impressions and exceptional detail reproduction time after time.

A leading manufacturer of whitening, restorative, and hygiene products, DenMat is no stranger to the dental industry. And neither is the company?s premium vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) impression material?Precision.

Precision was released in the first half of 2004. According to DenMat, Precision VPS impression materials provide the clinician with exceptional detail reproduction, moisture displacement, and reliability.

Accurate Impression

The inspiration behind Precision was the desire to create a product that provides an accurate impression the first time. Trapped moisture can distort an impression. Precision is engineered to combat this, allowing the lab to provide a fabrication that fits well and provides patient satisfaction. The whole spirit of Precision is to provide an accurate impression on the first try.

In its developmental stages, Precision underwent a thorough field evaluation process. During this vigorous testing, DenMat's field evaluators ranked Precision on criteria such as working time and setting time, margin readability, ease of dispensing, impression recalls, scent, resistance to tearing, and overall satisfaction. Field evaluations are critical verification data points, and Precision met all quality expectations of the evaluators.

The theory behind Precision is ?measure twice, cut once.? With Precision, the result is the most accurate detail reproduction the first time.

Moisture Displacing

Capturing an impression with trapped moisture can deliver a poor fitting restoration from the lab. Precision helps push away trapped moisture hidden in the sulcular pockets of the tooth. Because Precision excels in displacing moisture, clinicians will capture ?the most detail possible." Traditional VPS materials can fail to achieve complete moisture displacement, allowing moisture to be trapped around the tooth preparation, according to the manufacturer. Precision?s unique moisture displacing formula, on the other hand, is able to push away fluids to provide exceptional accuracy and marginal detail. In a clinical test performed at the University of Texas, San Antonio by Barry K. Norling, PhD, 13 impression materials, including Precision, were tested to determine how well the materials removed residual moisture from a preparation site. Discus provided the following results of the test: ?Based on laboratory evaluation of 13 light body VPS impression materials, Precision is about 1.8 times more effective at displacing moisture than the second best product and 5 times more effective at displacing moisture than the poorest performing product.?

Thermal Activation?Works at the Clinician?s Pace

Precision also features a variable working time. This allows the clinician to work at his or her own pace when capturing either a single preparation or multiple preparations. According to DenMat, Precision is thermally activated, meaning that the temperature of the mouth triggers the intraoral set.

According to DenMat, when selecting impression materials, clinicians often choose between 2 working times: fast time and regular time. If the clinician is working on a single preparation, only a few seconds may be needed and a fast set time material would suffice. However, if the clinician is working on a multiple unit case, they may need a longer period of time and would choose a regular set time material. Precision offers a flexible working time that allows the clinician to control the final set. The clinicians can take the time they need, up to 1 minute and 45 seconds.

Available in 5 different viscosities?Heavy Body, Medium/ Monophase, Lite, Extra Lite, and Putty?Precision offers versatility. In addition, DenMat is the only company to provide a unitdose dispensing system for putty. Precision pre-measured Putty Paks are easy to use and store, providing even more time and cost savings.

As of now, DenMat does not have any further developments planned for its Precision line. Instead, the focus is on reaching out to both new and existing customers. ?Elyse Fetherman