Puros Cancellous Particulate Allograft

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Published Date 01/31/2012
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Puros Cancellous Particulate Allograft

For more than a decade, Puros Cancellous has been the go-to product for dental clinicians when bone regeneration is required.

Zimmer Dental?s Puros Cancellous Particulate Allograft, introduced in 1999, has become the state-of-the-art in bone grafting material and has more than 100 studies in dentalspecific applications to its credit. Puros Cancellous is valued for its reliability, predictability, complete and rapid bone regeneration, and the highest standard of tissue safety and quality with minimal risk of disease transmission.

As clinicians recommend and place growing numbers of dental implants, it is critical that they use a reliable product to maintain bone volume after tooth extraction. Even after a clean extraction, bone loss can be unpredictable, limiting the ideal placement of an implant.1

Puros Cancellous acts as an osteoconductive scaffold for new bone formation. It enables the ingrowth of vascular and cellular connective tissue because it preserves the natural bone matrix collagen and mineral composition, trabecular pattern, and original porosity.2,3 This process facilitates the remodeling process and leaves behind healthy, natural bone for large- and small-volume bone regeneration procedures such as:

? Localized augmentation of the ridge for future implant placement

? Reconstruction of the ridge for prosthetic therapy

? Filling of osseous defects, such as extraction sockets

? Elevation of maxillary sinus floor

? Augmentation or reconstructive treatment of alveolar ridge

? Repair of infrabony periodontal defects

Ensuring Safe Tissue: The Tutoplast Process*

Since dental allografts are made from human tissue, they must be processed carefully to ensure safety. Puros Cancellous is manufactured, sterilized, and preserved using the proprietary Tutoplast Process to ensure safe, biocompatible tissue. The Tutoplast Process has been documented with clinical and preclinical success in more than 450 published articles. Tutoplast-processed tissues have been safely used for 40 years in more than 3 million procedures to preserve the collagen matrix and tissue integrity while inactivating pathogens and removing unwanted materials such as cells, antigens, and viruses.4

The Tutoplast Process begins with screening of potential donors based on a stringent review process that meets or exceeds current standards. Tissues that meet screening criteria are then tested for disease; if accepted for use, the tissue is then processed according to the proprietary Tutoplast method, which involves delipidization, osmotic treatment, oxidative treatment, solvent dehydration, and low-dose gamma irradiation. While the steps in the process are powerful, the integrity of the tissue is not compromised. Finally, the Tutoplast process ensures complete donor-to-recipient traceability.

Clinical Advantages

Puros Cancellous demonstrates successful clinical results in regeneration of periodontal bone and furcation defects, 2,3 osseous defect regeneration,2,3,5 regeneration of extraction sockets,1,6 regeneration of gaps around block grafts,1,6 horizontal alveolar crest augmentation, 1,6 and sinus augmentation.5,6

Clinical studies have shown that Puros Cancellous provides faster bone regeneration at 6 months than grafts containing anorganic bovine bone matrix (ABBM).5,6 Regeneration of hard bone has been reported as early as 3 to 5 months in small-volume applications.1,6 In a clinical comparison of Puros Cancellous and ABBM matrix in patients who required bilaterial sinus augmentation, significantly more bone was formed in the Puros sites. While both Puros Cancellous and the ABBM particles were surrounded by new bone, osteoid, and osteoblasts, a higher average percentage of new vital bone was seen around the Puros Cancellous particles than around the ABBM particles.6

Practical Considerations

Puros Cancellous Particulate?s 5-year shelf life, room-temperature storage, and quick hydration make for easy handling and storage. It is available in 0.5-mL, 1-mL, and 2-mL amounts in the 250- to 1000-?m particle size and 0.5 mL, 1-mL, and 2-mL amounts in the 1000- to 2000- ?m particle size.

Zimmer Dental is committed to offering clinicians products that meet their needs. The Puros Cancellous product line offers excellent clinical results supported by a world-class selling and customer service organization, and state-of-the-art educational opportunities.


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*Tutoplast is a registered trademark of Tutogen Medical GmbH