Rebase II and Sofreliner Tough

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 06/19/2013
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Tokuyama's denture reline materials each celebrate landmark anniversaries this year, underscoring a history of clinical success.


How many dental manufacturers can claim to have a product with 25 years of clinical and market success? Not many, which is why 2013 marks a major accomplishment for Tokuyama's denture reline products. Rebase II, Tokuyama's hard denture reline, is celebrating its 25-year anniversary while Sofreliner Tough, Tokuyama's soft reline, celebrates its 15th. Both reliner products offer chairside, quick and easy procedures that provide long-lasting comfort, strong adhesion, and have minimal taste and odor.

The market leader in the hard reline category, Tokuyama's Rebase II was introduced in 1988, initially in Japan, and has since been introduced all over the world. Formulated without methylmethacrylate monomer, Rebase II has minimal odor and taste, low heat generation, and it's considered easy to handle and polish, while being quick to use for clinicians.

A Game Changer

Traditionally, chairside denture reline materials have not offered a very positive experience for the clinician or the patient. They often had a strong odor, an unpleasant taste, and caused irritation and pain for the patient. On top of that, they were difficult to handle and had a tendency to stain.

These issues caused many clinicians to simply send these cases to a laboratory. Rather than the aforementioned frustrations, it was much easier to take an impression and be done with it. However, this not only added cost, but also required the patient to be without his or her denture for at least a day. It was a headache.

With Tokuyama's Rebase II, clinicians are given a chairside option that offers the best of both worlds. Circumventing the common drawbacks of previous hard denture reline materials, Rebase II offers an improved chairside experience that saves time, money, and--most importantly--serves the needs of the patient, without making them wait for laboratory work.

Tokuyama Timeline

A Tough Act to Follow

Building on the science and success of Rebase II, Tokuyama introduced a soft denture reline material in 1998, Sofreliner Tough. Sofreliner Tough offers a quick and easy procedure, comes in an automix delivery system, and lasts up to 2 years without losing its exceptional softness, tear strength, and adhesion to the denture.

25 Years of Success

With 2 proven denture reline materials, Tokuyama has shown that they are no one-hit wonder. As an innovative manufacturer with a long track record of successful materials, it?s safe to say they?re on to something.