RVG Sensor

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 02/28/2016
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RVG Sensor

Carestream Dental celebrates 3 decades of digital radiography innovation.

The RVG 6500, the latest generation Carestream Dental digital intraoral sensor, is built on a 30-year history of research and development. Patented in 1982 by a French dentist with a passion for physics, the original RVG (RadioVisioGraphy) was the world?s first digital intraoral radiography sensor. Since then, the system has continually evolved and improved its image quality, ease of use, safety, flexibility, and more. Check out the timeline below for a quick look at RVG innovations over the years.

Wireless and Mobile

In 2010, the RVG 6500 was launched featuring Wi-Fi technology that eliminated the need for sensors to have a wired connection to the computer. And in 2011, the RVG 6500 introduced its mobile app, allowing image viewing on an iPad. RVG has come a long way since its original incarnation.

Workflow and Image Quality

According to Carestream Dental, RVG 6500 images are transferred wirelessly and securely to the computer without sacrificing image quality. The resulting radiographs offer >20 lp/mm resolution (the same, best-in-class image quality as wired RVG 6100 sensors) using optical fiber technology. Additionally, greater exposure latitude ensures optimal image capture over a wide range of exposure. Sensors can be moved easily and quickly between operatories and can be used in various practice configurations (multi-sensor and multi-computer environments, single- and multi-chair practices).

The wireless design simplifies positioning, further improving workflow and productivity by reducing the need for retakes.

Ergonomics and Durability

RVG 6500 sensors come in 3 different sizes: size 1 for periapical, vertical, and horizontal exams; size 2 for bitewings and occlusal images; and size 0 for pediatric applications. All sizes have rounded corners for patient comfort, while a rear-entry cable and intuitive interface simplify use and positioning. TWAIN compatibility makes it easy to integrate RVG sensors into the practice.

Designed to be easily and safely disinfected, RVG 6500 sensors have a shockresistant casing that provides protection from drops, bites, and other casualties. In addition, a lead barrier helps prevent damage due to repeated high exposure? ensuring a long lifespan with an attractive return on investment.

An App for That

The RVG Mobile application lets clinicians review images chairside on an iPad and zoom in on problem areas for enhanced patient communication and case acceptance. Additionally, the app allows stored images to be transferred to the practice computer for diagnosis and archiving. This makes extra monitors in the practice unnecessary, reducing equipment costs.

Not with Hardware Alone

Carestream Dental offers a portfolio of easy-to-use software packages that integrate seamlessly with the RVG 6500. The software options provide all of the necessary tools for viewing, analyzing, and managing digital radiographic images.

Also available for use with the RVG 6500 is Logicon Caries Detector Software (the only FDA-approved caries detection software) that helps locate and diagnose interproximal caries. With one click, Logicon extracts image features and correlates them with a database of known caries problems. Possible abnormalities are automatically highlighted on digital bitewing radiographs, providing an electronic second opinion and signaling the dentist to take a closer look at the tooth and surface involved.