ShortCut GingiBRAID: Retraction Cord Breakthrough

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 01/31/2012
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ShortCut GingiBRAID: Retraction Cord Breakthrough

O K?.?Breakthrough? might be a little strong. But I needed to get your attention. After all, we?re only talking about string. Still, retraction cord is a staple item in most practices despite the advent of more exotic retraction approaches such as diode lasers and injectable concoctions aimed at shrinking gum tissue. Having owned a diode laser for quite some time, I?ve come to the realization that in the time it takes me to get the laser up and running and equip everyone with protective eye gear, I could have placed several retraction cords.

Frustrating Dispensing

If we step back and examine what it is about cord that has made it less than a popular necessity over the years, dispensing it comes to mind as high up on the list of objections. Who amongst us hasn?t, in attempting to extract a small amount of cord from a small glass bottle, either lost the end of the string back into the bottle, or somehow pulled half of the bottle?s contents out in one fell swoop? Or, in attempting to get just the right length, came up 4 mm short, necessitating either a new string or adding another small segment; or when discovering your string is too long attempted to cut it with dull scissors and in doing so shredded the end of the string while at the same time pulling half of what you just packed out of the sulcus? Need I say more?

Perfecting Dispensing

Enter DUX Dental?s ShortCut GingiBRAID cord dispensing system. Is it really possible that it took dentistry all this time to perfect so mundane a task as retraction cord dispensing? With all the simplicity of a PEZ dispenser, the Short- Cut will deliver just the right amount of string (within reason of course) and miracle of miracles, cut it quickly and precisely, sans scissors. Even better, this is a one-handed operation. A few thumb turns (clicks) of the over-sized dispensing wheel spews forth the desired amout of cord. Followed by a quick thumb press of ShortCut?s side mounted cutting ?tool,? the user is rewarded with cleanly cut and sized segments of cord ready for packing.

One thumb does it all. Each click of the wheel produces a single centimeter of chord. Three to 4 clicks is usually the ticket for anterior teeth while 4 to 5 clicks will usually get a molar done. A little bit of practice will render most users ?experts? overnight. ShortCut has been paired with DUX?s ever-popular GingiBRAID in sizes 0, 1, and 2 with your choice of epi, alum, or nonimpregnated. And, by the way, this isn?t the old style braided cord. When you wet GingiBRAID, it loses its memory and is easy to pack while giving you great mechanical retraction.

Small Change, Big Impact

So there you have it?a mini (but BIG) breakthrough in the mundane but core existence of a dentist. What?s more, ShortCut is reasonably priced and generous with the amount of cord contained within. If PEZ ever made sense to you, you?re going to love ShortCut.