Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 10/23/2014
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Solea is by far the best all-tissue laser that I?ve ever used. I have been using hard- and soft-tissue lasers since 2008. I was introduced to the first prototype of the CO2 laser in early 2011 and received the first FDA approved laser in August of 2013.

Efficient Workhorse

With Solea, we finally have a hard-tissue laser that approaches the speed of rotary instrumentation with a high-speed handpiece. There is no comparison between Solea?s CO2 laser and conventional erbium lasers. Solea is many times faster than my erbium laser, which vaporizes water and slowly chips enamel away. The Solea uses a unique wavelength that allows it to vaporize enamel. Often, my preparations with Solea are completely drill-free, resulting in an entirely different experience for my patients.

On average, I use the Solea about 60 times per week for essentially all cavity preparations, for hard-tissue and all soft-tissue procedures, and for combination procedures such as troughing and crown lengthening.

Patient and Staff Satisfaction

The Solea is anesthesia-free for both hard- and soft-tissue procedures, enabling for more dentistry to be performed in a single visit. There is also less necrosis for both hard and soft tissue. Additionally, Solea?s tissue-stimulating effect results in better, faster healing. With the efficiency gained from anesthesia-free and blood-free treatment, we have seen an increase in income of up to 40%?mostly as a result of not having to wait for patients to get numb before starting a procedure.

Solea also allows me to work in multiple quadrants in a single visit. I can also do restorations on the same day my patients sees a hygienist. In my practice, this translates to as many as 8 additional procedures I can perform per day.

Patients love the fact that Solea is noise-free, vibration-free, and needle-free. They can?t stop talking about it, which drives new patients into our practice. My staff and I love it because patients are happier?they?re not stressed so they don?t put off getting procedures done. Solea makes many difficult procedures simple. However, its greatest asset is allowing treatment without anesthesia for those patients who would have otherwise been sedated due to fear of needles.

Easy To Use

Solea is simple to use and can be mastered in just one day. It has a familiar handpiece and an easy-to-navigate touchscreen. Additionally, I love the responsive variable speed foot pedal. The harder you press, the faster it cuts, so there?s rarely a need to stop and change settings. This feature increases control, saves time, and makes for an intuitive, easy transition from the drill.

Because of Solea?s power and ability to cut any tissue from any angle, I am able to perform procedures that I would have never attempted with an erbium laser. This has truly changed my practice for the better. Almost from the day I started using it, Solea became an indispensable tool in my armamentarium.