Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 05/14/2014
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Instantly hydrophilic for more accurate impressions

I started using SplashMax after its introduction in November of last year. I?m always on the search for an impression material that will improve my work. I was impressed with SplashMax because it met my needs at a price that was much less than the premium PVS materials I was using, and it set nearly a minute faster than my current impression material. 

In my practice, I try to keep things very simple, and having an impression material system that can accurately handle all of my clinical cases is a huge bonus. That includes standard crown and bridge, implants, and partially and fully edentulous removable cases. The variety of viscosities meets all of these needs and SplashMax is now my go-to for all of my fixed and restorative needs. 

Instantly Hydrophilic

The greatest feature of SplashMax, unlike any other on the market, is its ability to become hydrophilic almost instantly. In contrast, most other impression materials available become hydrophilic over time as they set. I need my PVS to become hydrophilic as soon as it touches tooth  and tissue surfaces, not when the material is already polymerized. This is extremely important when creating an accurate impression in the presence of moisture and, as you know, every case has some moisture. 

With moisture no longer a concern, I don?t have to worry about over-drying my preparations, which can lead to greater postoperative sensitivity and an unhappy patient. So a material that is designed for a moist environment is the holy grail of impressions. 

According to DenMat, independent testing has demonstrated that SplashMax lite body will achieve a contact angle of less than 1% within 30 seconds. The high-speed, low contact angle means that water droplets and other fluids will flatten out and not stay beaded?and that creates a highly accurate impression. 

I was anxious to see how SplashMax performed in my hands?and I noticed right away that my impressions had exceptionally high detail. The material hardens within a short period and becomes fully elastic, eliminating inaccuracies caused by micro-movements.

Reliable Results

The high tear strength has eliminated the issues of material tearing or distorting during removal from the mouth or separation from the model. Bright, luminous wash material colors (lite and extra lite) provide sharp contrast when used with the heavy and medium body materials?providing impressions that are easy to read based on the visual distinction between colors. 

The Proof is in the Practice

I recently had several cases involving teeth with subgingival fractures and SpashMax was able to flow under the gingival margins and capture highly accurate impressions, saving those teeth and making these patients very happy.

It?s always hard to change materials you are comfortable with, but if a colleague asked, I would certainly have them try it. I know they would be extremely impressed, and likely switch to SplashMax as their go-to impression material.