Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 12/26/2011
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Pentron Clinical?s splinting system is known for esthetics and enhancing patient self-confidence.

Since 1967, Pentron Clinical and its affiliates have been developing, manufacturing, and marketing dental products. With their Splint- It Resin Reinforced Fiber Splinting System, introduced in 1997, Pentron Clinical offers a comprehensive system used for all types of tooth splinting.

There are many ways to halt tooth mobility, including crown and bridge, intracoronal and extracoronal splinting with wire, fiber meshes, or just composite. Teeth with mobility of 1 mm to 2 mm are typically splinted with fiber-reinforced composite.

Splint-It technology offers a unique advantage over other systems, with patented technology of resin impregnation and 3 choices of fiber strips. According to Pentron Clinical, the 3 different treated fiber configurations provide versatility, in addition to substantial strength and ease of placement.

Good Esthetics, Enhanced Self-Confidence

Splint-It Fiber Strips provide highly esthetic results and enhance patient self-confidence. Available in a 1 mm wide braided polyethylene rope, 2 mm woven fiber, and 3 mm unidirectional fiber, Splint-It Fiber Strips are designed to accommodate a variety of stabilization and reinforcement procedures.

Each fiber variation is provided in individually packaged 3 inch strips of 6 and can be cut to the desired length with scissors, according to Pentron materials.

Splint-It is used on the tooth surface to stabilize mobile teeth, repair dentures, reinforce provisional bridges, or after orthodontic treatment. Its resin-coated fibers shorten procedure time, and these fibers are ideal for tooth replacement due to exceptionally high strength properties. The process of splinting results in physical properties that are superior to dental resins alone.

A Step Ahead

Splint-It has been a continued success for 14 years because it is a trusted tool for clinicians and patients alike. Clinicians like that Splint-It makes mobile teeth more firm, allowing the patient to chew more comfortably and perform routine hygiene practices, like brushing, without fear of damaging the tooth. Also, clinicians like that because the splinting is done in conjunction with other periodontal therapy, it is an adjunct to the preservation of soft and hard tissues.