SS White Great White Gold Series

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 07/22/2014
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Great White Gold Series

Rapid and precise removal of all types of semi- and non-precious crowns and bridges, amalgams, composites, and porcelains. A new design for a classic bur performs better than ever.

In 1990, SS White Dental introduced an innovative new series of burs, The Great White Gold Series. With an increased number of dentates (or ?teeth?) along with enhanced blade geometry, the burs cut faster than a straight-bladed bur and smoother than a regular-dentated bur. The Great White Gold Series cuts rapidly, smoothly, and did not catch, grab, stall, or break making them immediately and widely popular.

When Great Gets Better

SS White has spent the last year improving on their design and creating the next-generation of the popular Great White Gold Series. Dental equipment has advanced dramatically over the past 25 years, and a bur must advance with the handpiece. The new Great White Gold Series is designed for today?s handpieces that are smaller, faster and offer more functionality. SS White has drastically improved neck strength, durability, and speed. Using modern materials science, they were able to improve performance and ensure that burs kept up with the advances of their handpiece counterparts.

In making these strides, SS White listened to its customers. Dentist feedback, market research, and industry experts all reinforce the assumption that burs are expected to perform at top speed for several procedures. The feedback also states that burs are expected to not break under pressure? much more than the ADA upper limit. In addition, a bur must cut smoothly, not catch or grab while cutting fast and not breaking. SS White listened to its customers, and designed the new and improved Great White Gold Series that not only meets, but also exceeds those requirements.

The Evolution of the Popular 1557 Bur

The original Great White bur was designed with a thicker neck to eliminate breakage when cutting harder materials such as metal, porcelain, and composite. Through new materials and improved machining processes, SS White has improved this already-excellent cutting ability even further.
According to SS White, a single Great White bur can replace 2 to 3 regular carbide burs for PFM crown removal. The enhanced durability and speed will add to the practice?s bottom line by increasing instrument longevity and reducing the time it takes to remove difficult hard materials.

A History of Innovation

The Great White Gold Series of burs demonstrates SS White?s dedication to pushing the boundaries of dentistry. With more than 160 years of experience, SS White has firmly cemented its longstanding reputation as an industry leader in bur technology.