Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 07/30/2012
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This comprehensive system handles all steps of composite contouring, finishing, and polishing?quickly and easily.

Designed to meet all chairside needs for working on cured composite, Shofu Dental?s Super- Snap line includes disks/mandrels and interproximal strips in a range of color-coded grits and in 2 sizes. The standard 12 mm disks are appropriate for larger areas, while the 8 mm Mini Disks are perfectly sized for places that are harder to reach. Used together, Super-Snap products comprise a quick and easy technique for shaping, finishing, and polishing all microfilled, nano, and hybrid composite materials.

Disks Are Metal-Free

Super-Snap disks incorporate an elastic silicone shank mount for easy placement of the disk onto the mandrel. They are manufactured without a metal center, eliminating the risk of gouging or discoloration of the composite and increasing the stability of the disk during polishing. The disks are extremely flexible, ultra-thin, and double-sided, simplifying their use interproximally. They?re used with light pressure at 10,000 rpm to 12,000 rpm. Standard and mini sizes are offered in 4 grits (silicon carbide and aluminum oxide)?coarse for contouring, medium for finishing, fine for polishing, and super-fine for super-polishing.

Super-Snap disks securely fasten to stainless steel mandrels for use with straight handpiece, contraangle, and friction-grip shanks. Durable single-use plastic mandrels also are available for contra-angle handpieces only.

Keeping It Simple

Super-Snap disks are available in convenient Singles Packs. Super-Snap Singles are individually packaged, intended for single use, and consist of 8 disks?coarse, medium, fine, and super-fine?in both mini and standard sizes with a disposable plastic mandrel included per pack. Conveniently bundled, the polishers needed for a given restoration are together in 1 pre-packaged chairside delivery. This eliminates the need to search for the right disk, and decreases the chance of cross-contamination. In addition to the infection control benefits, it offers the certainty of having everything in one place.

And In-Between?

Super-Snap Polystrips provide the same results as the disks, but interproximally. Each color-coded, double-ended strip has a different grit at each end and an uncoated zone in the middle. Coarse/ medium strips are for contouring and finishing, and fine/super- fine strips are for polishing.

Creating a Lustrous Shine

Two types of Super-Snap buff disks are available to help impart a high-gloss to composite restorations. Buff disks have synthetic velvet polishing cloth on the outer surface that retains polishing paste during use. Offered in standard and mini sizes, these disks require only a light touch to achieve a high gloss, and they can be used on porcelain as well. Because they are flexible, the buff disks adapt well to tooth anatomy, getting into difficult-to-reach areas with ease.

Also intended for final polishing, Super-Snap SuperBuff disks are paste-impregnated, and when moistened with water, release a high-quality aluminum oxide polishing paste. These convenient, disposable disks eliminate not only crosscontamination issues, but also reduce the potential mess associated with polishing paste syringe systems dispensed from tubes.

Versatile Packaging Options

The Super-Snap Rainbow Technique Kit includes 180 assorted disks, 40 polystrips, 2 Dura-White Stones, Compo- Site Fine Midi-Point, and 4 contra-angle metal mandrels (in an organizer tray).

Super-Snap Singles include 1 of each of the 4 different grit sizes and a plastic mandrel. The Standard and Minisized packs include either the standard or mini-sized disks, and the Super-Snap combo comes with 1 of each grit, in standard and mini-sizes.

The Super-Snap Mini Kit contains a smaller sample of the Super-Snap Rainbow Technique Kit, with all the grit ranges.