Taking the Best Impression Requires the Right Equipment

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 04/10/2012
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SACRAMENTO ? Whether you realize it or not, you may already be involved with CAD/CAM dentistry, according to a speaker at the Advances in Digital Restorative Dentistry Meeting, held here recently.

Michael DiTolla, DDS, who is the Director of Clinical Education and Research at Glidewell Laboratories, said he owns and uses all of the impression-taking units because he is committed to getting the best technology for his patients.

?For many dentists, the mention of CAD/CAM dentistry conjures up images of thousands of dollars in equipment and time, but whether you realize it or not, you are probably already involved in digital restorative dentistry,? Dr. DiTolla said. ?If you?ve ever ordered a Bruxzir, you are already involved in it.? He noted that CAD/CAM is how Glidewell makes 78% of crowns in his laboratory.

The Best Materials for the Best Impression

Dr. DiTolla told the clinicians in the audience that it is important to consider their own integrity when preparing an impression, saying, ?in reality, a crown and bridge impression is merely a reflection of the dentist?s integrity, nothing more and nothing less.? Taking that quote into consideration, Dr. DiTolla said that it is important to use the best materials to get the best impression. He noted that to do this, having equipment that allows the clinician and the lab to view the entire tooth, ?without any guessing,? is the best option.

Dr. DiTolla noted that Sirona?s CEREC AC features an automatic capture function which allows the user to do exactly that. Requiring about 8 photos, a virtual model is generated in about a minute and a half. This is in stark contrast to some of the other units on the market. Dr. DiTolla noted that the CEREC AC is the only system that allows clinicians to add a chairside mill at a later date.

In summarizing his presentation, Dr. DiTolla said: ?Digital restorative dentistry saves you money, that?s what technology should do. It makes you and your dentistry better, makes you more productive and your office more profitable, and it will make your patients refuse to be treated anywhere else.?