Technology: Fear It or Embrace It

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 06/28/2013
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MELVILLE, NY, June 14, 2013?At the recent Updates in Contemporary Dentistry event recently held in Melville, NY, Dr. Richard Rosenblatt covered several technology topics relevant to the modern dental practice. He said that clinicians can either fear technology or embrace it, and he encouraged attendees to choose the latter.

The Practice's Website

Dr. Rosenblatt stressed the importance of having an up-to-date dental website. He said a dental practice?s website should be SEO-optimized so that patients can easily search for the practice on the Internet. Dr. Rosenblatt said that the main goal is to be the top search result on Google, Yahoo, and Bing whenever a patient searches for a dentist in a specific area.

In regards to the website itself, Dr. Rosenblatt stated that a practice's website should be clear and easy to read, and it should include contact information and all available services. He also said that photos and videos are great add-ons as well. Dr. Rosenblatt suggested that a website should also be optimized for mobile, since that is where many patients now search on the Internet.

Patient Communication Made Easy

To stay in touch with patients, Dr. Rosenblatt suggested that clinicians use automated patient communication services. Some automatic services include surveys and reviews, e-mail blasts, and reactivation letters. He said there are several reputable practice management companies that can help practices with patient communication.

Dr. Rosenblatt said that patient reviews are important for both the staff and potential patients. He said that these unsolicited reviews often help his practice thrive.

Going Digital

Dr. Rosenblatt discussed the importance of technology in the dental practice. He said he uses digital sensors because he can truly see interproximal decay using this technology. The photos are crisp, and he does not need to enhance the images in order to see them clearly.

Dr. Rosenblatt also mentioned how important lasers are to his practice. He said he uses them almost every day to control bleeding, for troughing and hemostasis, frenectomy cases, gingival contouring, fibroma removal, and canker sore and herpetic lesion pain removal. He said he also uses the laser to make prepping more efficient.

Dr. Rosenblatt also shared his perspective on digital impressions: "There are so many advantages to using digital impressions," he said. He said there are many benefits to using digital impressions, especially because he can see impressions right away and get immediate feedback on preparations. To save time and money, he can inexpensively retake impressions right away instead of having to wait. He also noted that with digital impressions, there are no pulls, tears or bubbles on the margin. Each impression provides predictability for clinicians every time.

Dr. Rosenblatt also mentioned, "3D cone beam imaging has done so much for my practice." He said that this technology benefits his practice because he can see multiple views in 3 dimensions, he can see failing endos and necrotic teeth, internal and external resorption, and he can also see guided implant placement.

Is Technology Right For Me?

Dr. Rosenblatt urged the attendees to ask themselves the following questions when considering new technology:

Will it improve an existing procedure in my practice?
Will it improve my patients? experiences in my practice?
Will it increase revenue and profit?
Can the technology be marketed to attract new patients?

He said that if the answer is "yes" to 3 of these questions, it is time to take a look into that technology for the practice.

In an interview with Dental Learning staff, Dr. Rosenblatt suggested dentists use VivioSites for any website needs. He also said he uses Lighthouse 360 for his practice management and patient recall needs.

Dr. Rosenblatt said he uses Schick digital sensors because they provide clear images for him.

For esthetic cases, Dr. Rosenblatt said he uses SDI's Pola Night and Vident's VITA Easyshade. He also said he uses the intraoral camera DigiDoc.

Dr. Rosenblatt also mentioned that he uses AMD Lasers for any laser needs in his practice.