Tetric EvoFlow

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 02/24/2014
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Tetric EvoFlow offers clinicians flowability and stability?depending on specific case needs.

Offering the optimal viscosity for all direct restorative indications, Tetric EvoFlow light-cured nano-optimized flowable composite incorporates Rheological modifiers to regulate its surface affinity when dispensing. When being used as a liner under conventional composites, Tetric EvoFlow exhibits viscosity that allows it to flow readily into even hard-to-reach areas with no voids. Alternatively, it offers stability when used for Class 5 restorations. Not surprisingly, Tetric EvoFlow is a top-selling flowable composite across North America.

Multiple Applications

The advent of flowable composites nearly 2 decades ago paved the way for much of the modern direct restorative dentistry performed today. Tetric EvoFlow can be used as an initial layer in combination with more sculptable composites, such as Tetric EvoCeram and Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill (See ?The Family That Works Together?? below), to enhance the all-important marginal seal in Class 1 through 5 restorations. In its more flowable form, Tetric EvoFlow can also be used for extended fissure sealing (and preventive resin restorations), the adhesive cementation of light-transmissive indirect composite and ceramic restorations, customizing implant impression copings, and more. With its more stable non-splumping viscosity, Tetric EvoFlow can be used along for small Class 3 and 5 restorations. Other indications include splinting of mobile teeth, blocking out undercuts, and veneer repairs.

Beneficial Properties

Traditionally, flowable composites have been less radiopaque than adjacent tooth structure or hybrid composites, giving the appearance radiographically of recurrent caries under conventional resin restorations. Tetric EvoFlow is highly radiopaque (360% aluminium) to facilitate accurate diagnosis of secondary caries and distinguish it from other materials. Other clinical benefits include excellent polishability, low polymerization shrinkage, minimal film thickness, and ample working time. Additionally, Tetric EvoFlow exhibits a flexural strength of 114 MPa, flexural modulus of 5200 MPa, compressive strength of 260 MPa, and Vicker?s hardness of 320 MPa for durability and wear resistance. It is manufactured without triethylene glycol dimethacrylate (TEGDMA).

Versatile Choices

To meet the esthetic needs of a wide range of cases, Tetric EvoFlow comes in 14 shades (7 A to D shades, 3 Bleach shades, 3 Dentin shades, and 1 Transparent shade. It is available either in Luerlock syringes with pinpoint 0.9-mm tips for precise and controlled delivery or in Cavifils, Ivoclar Vivadent?s proprietary compules for use with the Cavifil material- injector gun. Both packaging options are offered in kits and as individual refills.


Tetric EvoFlow completes a well-balanced composite system: Tetric EvoCeram (for 2-mm layering in anterior or posterior restorations), Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill (4-mm ?bulk? layering) for direct posterior restorations, and Tetric EvoFlow for all flowable indications (in 14 shades). To date, more than 100 million Tetric EvoCeram restorations have been placed worldwide. In addition to high radiopacity and low shrinkage, Tetric EvoCeram?s notable advantages include:

   ? Universal use in anterior and posterior regions

   ? A proprietary light-sensitivity filter that maximizes working time but does not delay light curing

   ? Fillers and monomers with matching refractive indices for a true chameleon effect and natural esthetics

Offered in 3 shades, Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill is an efficient and esthetic posterior composite that can be bulk-filled in 4 mm increments for enhanced productivity.