Ti-Max Z900L and Z800L

Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 01/27/2014
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Air turbine evolved for more power, steadier high performance

Delivering exceptionally high power, the newest ultra-premium air turbines in NSK's Ti-Max Z handpiece line are engineered for maximum durability, consistent performance, smooth cutting, and optimal access to all areas of the mouth. The Ti-Max Z900L (standard head) and Ti-Max Z800L (miniature head) was unveiled at the 2014 Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting, long a traditional launch pad for innovative new dental products. The debut represents NSK Dental's most important and well-planned effort to date.

Unmatched Power

The standard-head Ti-Max Z900L delivers an industryleading 26 W of power and operates between 330,000 and 400,000 rpm. Providing 23 W of power, the miniature head Ti-Max Z800L runs from 360,000 to 430,000 rpm. Made possible by a proprietary specially shaped turbine, these power outputs enable fast cutting for reduced treatment time as well as a smooth, consistent cutting feel for comfortable operation.

Ergonomic Durability

The handpieces feature solid-titanium bodies. The ergonomic shape and DURAGRIP coating create firm and controlled grip, even in wet conditions. Access is enhanced with slim neck dimensions, optical head angle, and a unique notch to rest your index finger and thumb. Cellular glass optics further improve visualization of the operating site. Their improved long-lasting ceramic bearings dramatically prolong the instruments? working life. The durable design also reduces running costs. When the interchangeable cartridge does require replacement, switching out is a simple procedure that can be done chairside, minimizing downtime and maximizing office productivity.

Premium Specs

Both the Ti-Max Z900L and the Ti- Max Z800L incorporate 4-port Quattro water spray. Other features include a push button chuck, microfilter, and the patented NSK clean head system designed to automatically prevent the entry of oral fluids and other contaminants into the handpiece head, prolonging bearing life. Several back-end types are offered to accommodate most couplers on the market.

Carrying NSK's longest warranty—2-1/2 years—the Ti-Max Z900L and the Ti-Max 800L air turbine handpieces are engineered with premium features for premium performance. They are the latest addition to the Ti-Max Z line of handpieces, joining their contra angle counterparts that were launched previously and were rated a Dental Product Shopper Best Product in 2013. All are designed to provide optimal visibility and access in the mouth, quiet operation, and exceptional durability.

In Good Company

As mentioned, the Ti-Max Z900L and Z800L round out NSK's Z-line offerings to include both premium air-driven and electric highspeed and lowspeed instruments. Among the existing handpieces in the line are:

1. Ti-Max Z95-L—1:5 Increasing, Max Speed: 200,000

2. Ti-Max Z85L—1:5 increasing, Max Speed: 200,000 rpm

3. Ti-Max Z45L—1:4.2 increasing, Max Speed: 168,000 rpm

4. Ti-Max Z25L—1:1 direct drive, Max Speed: 40,000 rpm

5. Ti-Max Z15L—4:1 reduction, Max Speed: 10,000 rpm

6. Ti-Max Z10L—16:1 reduction, Max Speed: 2500 rpm

All of the Ti-Max Z handpieces have small heads, slim necks, quiet operation, solid titanium bodies, and DURACOAT surface enhancement for user comfort and durability.

The Ti-Max Z95-L was recently evaluated by 8 dentists (with a combined practice experience of 160 years!) as part of Dental Product Shopper's peer-to-peer evaluation program. Receiving a 4.5 rating out of a possible 5, the Ti-Max Z95-L earned a 2013 Best Product recognition. Cutting speed and efficiency, noise levels, and tactile feel were all highly rated by all the evaluators. All of the evaluators said they would definitely or probably recommend the Ti-Max Z 95L to their colleagues. In addition, 7 evaluators said they would definitely or probably purchase it in the future and that they found the handpiece to be much or somewhat better than similar products.