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Author : Dental Product Shopper
Published Date 05/12/2014
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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ, May 2, 2014--At the Updates in Contemporary Dentistry meeting, Ron Kaminer, DDS, spoke to attendees, with an emphasis on how clinicians can get the most out of the materials and procedures they use in everyday practice. He emphasized finding new ways to serve all the needs of the patient, beyond what may be in the clinician's current comfort level, by expanding into new avenues of care.


Dr. Kaminer led off his presentation discussing the importance of taking a proactive approach to preventing decay and caries. From fluoride treatments to Xylitol, there are a number of ways to preserve enamel and take a minimally invasive approach.


Dr. Kaminer spoke about the latest developments in fluoride varnish. There are numerous handling issues with the traditional materials, and the newer generation varnishes can provide be clear, well-handling, and reduces wear time to improve the patient experience. He mentioned cements are another area of innovation, leading to materials that have come out in the last few years with exceptional physical properties. He also spoke about the importance of upgrading products that many clinicians take for granted, like prophy angles and paste. He emphasized that clinicians must have a willingness to try new technologies and products in order to stay on the leading edge of patient care.


The centerpiece of Dr. Kaminer's minimally invasive practice is his AMD diode laser. There are a multitude of procedures that soft-tissues can perform, such as frenectomies and gingival troughing, with no bleeding, minimal postoperative pain, and a shortened healing period. This allows the clinician to expand his or her practice while improving the patient experience and level of care.


Whitening is another underserved part of patient care according to Dr. Kaminer. He recommended offering a menu of whitening options to make it available to every patient, regardless of their income level: from basic take-home treatment to high-end, back-to-back whitening. He also recommended looking into treating headache/TMJ problems by offering a nightguard solution and talking to patients about those issues.


Finally, Dr. Kaminer closed his presentation by impressing upon the audience the value in having a modern, mobile-friendly website that is continually working to attract patients. Now more than ever, a well-made website is one of the best marketing tools a practice can have.


In a separate interview with Dental Learning, Dr. Kaminer shared some of his preferred tools and materials for accomplishing the goals set forth in his presentation. For his hygiene, he uses Sultan Healthcare?s DuraShield CV because it goes on clear and minimizes wear time. He uses their ComFit Plush masks as well, citing their excellent fit and soft material. His team also uses ProphyMagic prophy angles that deliver high performance at a low price point. He pointed our Doxa's Ceramir Crown & Bridge as a material that is advancing cementation and offering consistent success. His go-to diode lasers are AMD's Picasso and Picasso Lite, because they are portable and efficient. His prefered whitening solutions include Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed and DayWhite/NiteWhite. He uses Keystone's NiteBite for grinding and TMJ issues. VivioSites is the solution he uses for streamlined customizable websites and social media optimization.